Hkcuhks president denounced the occupation of hkcuhk by foreign thugs: leave immediately

 Hkcuhks president denounced the occupation of hkcuhk by foreign thugs: leave immediately

A large number of thugs occupy the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong media)

Overseas network, Nov. 15 - the Chinese University of Hong Kong has become a battlefield recently, but after the conflict, a magic scene happened. CUHK was occupied by a gang of thugs including outsiders. All the people who went in and out of the university had to go through the thugs inspection. CUHK President Duan Chongzhi urgently issued a letter of condemnation urging the thugs to leave, otherwise the university would seek the assistance of relevant government departments.

From December 12 to 13, a large number of rioters confronted the police at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, attacking the police officers with petrol bombs, bows, arrows and bricks. After the conflict, the mob occupied CUHK, set up roadblocks near CUHK, and used the self-made giant catapult and guarding the city, just like a Hatoyama nest to prepare for a long-term war with the police.

Giant catapult made by thugs (Hong Kong media)

According to Hong Kong media, thugs have even formed division of labor and cooperation in the school. Some are responsible for cooking, some are responsible for building roadblocks, some are responsible for checking people at the school gate, some are responsible for transporting materials to the campus by car, some are responsible for making weapons such as gasoline bombs, etc., turning a world-famous university into a arsenal, which is extremely rampant.

According to Hong Kong Radio, Duan Chongzhi, the president of hkcuhk, sent an urgent open letter, saying that the campus had been occupied by masked and black people, including outsiders, and that the situation was completely out of control and unacceptable. He asked all outsiders to leave CUHK immediately, and called on a small number of members who remained on the campus to leave as soon as possible, until safety and order were restored. He said that universities are places for learning, not battlefields for making weapons and using force. If the university cannot continue to fulfill its basic mission and task, it must seek the assistance of relevant government departments to solve the current crisis.

Duan Chongzhi, President of hkcuhk (Hong Kong media)

Duan Chongzhi said that thousands of masked people came to CUHK because of the call on the Internet, believing that most of them were not middle school students, and the scene was extremely chaotic. After that, there were more illegal incidents on campus, including arson, digging up a large number of bricks, stealing the school bus and working vehicles of the University, transporting materials from outside the university to the university to make a large number of gasoline bombs, and part of the University Laboratory Dangerous and inflammable goods have also been stolen. He expressed great regret that the University was used as a place for the above illegal activities, which posed a serious threat to the public security. However, the large-scale damage suffered by the campus is estimated to take months to repair.

He said that it was a serious violation of the freedom of access of members of the University and a cause of panic that all persons entering or leaving the university had to show their identity cards to masked people in black, and that their belongings and telephones had also been searched before they could be released. After assessing the risks, he said, the university decided to terminate the semester ahead of schedule, on the premise of the safety of all the students on campus, and at the same time tried its best to help them leave the campus.

Duan Chongzhi said Monday (11) from the university to the No.2 overpass near the entrance of the Science Park, throwing debris at the highway, intending to block the road irresponsibly, endangering human life, and strongly condemned it. He said that according to his understanding, the police stationed at the overpass on the same day to prevent another person throwing debris on the road to ensure the safety of drivers and the public, and also pointed out that although the No.2 bridge is in CUHK The right of way for the bridge is only specified in the title deed as belonging to the government of the HKSAR.

Duan Chongzhi strongly condemned the masked man in black for continuing to throw debris from the second bridge on Wednesday (13), causing the road to remain fully closed and apologizing for the serious inconvenience caused by 100000 people and road users.

However, in the evening of the 12th, Duan Chongzhi negotiated with the police near CUHK, suggesting that CUHK staff should ensure that no one threw debris, and the police retreated to the end of the bridge. He also said that the Universitys peace is the responsibility of the University, the police can not enter the scope of the University, the mob did not accept suggestions, and continue to attack the police.

Hong Kong police said at a press conference on the 14th that there were thugs who turned the university into a Arsenal and Arsenal to collect and manufacture weapons and materials. The thugs behavior and terrorism came a step closer. The police will make a risk assessment of the spread of violence in the University. If the situation is likely to cause serious injury to students or people outside the University, the police have no choice but to intervene in law enforcement. However, the details of the deployment and action cannot be explained at this time.

Source: editor in charge of overseas network: huachengyu