Thugs say guarantee to better future users in Hong Kong: do you guarantee with bricks

 Thugs say guarantee to better future users in Hong Kong: do you guarantee with bricks

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Overseas network, Nov. 15 - in recent days, smashing shops, beating citizens and setting fire everywhere The rioters have seriously damaged Hong Kongs social order and international image. In the face of the dissatisfaction of the Hong Kong people, these thugs not only do not repent, but also speak out in front of the news cameras, saying that the future they bring to the Hong Kong people will be better. This can make Hong Kong netizens laugh: stupid to the extreme, even what you look like, how do you guarantee? Do you guarantee it with petrol bombs or bricks? Or bow and arrow?

This week, violence in Hong Kong escalated again, with black clad thugs continuing to launch the so-called three strikes in Hong Kong and the whole city ravaging, Hong Kong News Network reported Friday. The daily life and safety of Hong Kong people have been seriously affected. The people are very indignant about the behavior of the mob. However, the mob is unconsciously wrong. Yesterday (14), a hooded black clad thug told the Chinese University of Hong Kong in an interview with foreign media that he would guarantee a brighter future for Hong Kong.

On the evening of November 12, Hong Kong radical demonstrators set fire to various sundries on the campus of CUHK. (source: Hong Kong China News Agency)

The audacity of the mob was quickly forwarded to social media in Hong Kong, where many netizens said they had listened and laughed: stupid to the extreme. The funniest thing is that you cant even see your face. How can you promise us?

Now when it comes to thugs, Hong Kong netizens are not angry at each other. They denounce thugs as all terrorists? (the mob) destroyed Hong Kong and caused a great disaster.

The netizens count the villains that the mob has done, and think that the guarantee that the mob said is ridiculous: how to guarantee? Do you guarantee it with gas bombs or bricks? Or bow and arrow? Even the primary school buses are not allowed to let go, destroy the basic livelihood of ordinary citizens, beat the citizens, destroy shops, and start to be private. How can you Gang say it for us?

According to Hong Kong Wireless news, the thug who assured the public was a student of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In recent days, a large number of black clad thugs have occupied the Chinese University of Hong Kong for several days in a row, setting fire everywhere, destroying the campus and turning it into a fire. Do you believe that those who even destroy their alma mater say they can give Hong Kong a better future?

Qiu Hong, deputy director of the Hong Kong China joint office, said Saturday that the violence in Hong Kong is moving from smashing, looting and burning to killing without any bottom line. A small number of thugs and black hands behind them are trying to push Hong Kong to the abyss of eternal doom. The rampant and escalating violence of the mob is constantly infuriating the citizens. Many Hong Kong citizens, including foreigners living in Hong Kong, have broken their silence for several days, and some have spontaneously taken to the streets to clean up their roadblocks to show their outrage at the mob. Some of the citizens even criticized the blackclothed thugs who blocked the road face to face as demons. They regarded the citizens as hostages and took the government hostage to extort political purposes. They called on those with conscience to stand up and say no to violence in real action.

Source: editor in charge of overseas network: huachengyu