Hong Kong Police welcome reinforcements to punish Flying Tigers and have been sworn as special police

 Hong Kong Police welcome reinforcements to punish Flying Tigers and have been sworn as special police

Members of the regional response team are undergoing professional firearms training (photo from the official website of the Correctional Services Department)

Overseas network, November 15 - the Hong Kong SAR government announced yesterday (14) that the Commissioner of police has appointed no more than 100 correctional officers as special police officers. Xie Zhenzhong, chief police officer of the police public relations section, said at a regular press conference today (15) that the officers had completed the oath.

Police said they would provide basic and on-the-spot training, the Ming Pao reported. The officers would wear uniforms while on duty, and the epaulets would be written in Chinese and English as secret police officers. The public would easily identify them, but at this stage they could not disclose the details of their duties.

According to a press release published on the website of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the 14th, the Commissioner of police of Hong Kong has appointed a number of officers of the Correctional Services Department as secret police officers under section 40 of the Public Security Ordinance (Cap 245) in order to increase the manpower and strength of the police.

A spokesman for the SAR government said that, as a pilot phase, according to the operational needs of the police force, the officers who were appointed as special police officers would be mainly responsible for guarding the government premises designated by the Commissioner of police, including riot prevention and emergency handling.

The spokesman also said that depending on the manpower needs of the police force and the development of social activities, the government would not rule out the appointment of other Hong Kong disciplinary officers as special task police in the future to share the pressure of the police force.

Some members of the regional response team, known as the flying tiger team, will take the lead this time and join the anti riot work as soon as this week, said Hong Kongs Dongwang 13 daily. Reported that because the team has many times in the prison to calm down the chaos experience, believed to help the police force to stop violence.

Under section 40 of the Hong Kong Public Security Ordinance, the chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR may authorize the Commissioner of police to appoint in writing any voluntary person as a secret police. It is reported that after studying and consulting the opinions of various disciplinary forces, the SAR government has many volunteers who want to help the police deal with the rioters, according to Dongwang. Among them, the Correctional Services Department, which has experience in prison, has always been trained in riot prevention, so it became the first force to join the special task police.

The Correctional Services Department is one of the disciplinary units under the Security Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which is responsible for the custody and rehabilitation of prisoners.

The Correctional Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR government set up a regional response team in September 2016 to escort high-risk prisoners and deal with emergencies, according to eastnet. According to the data, the regional response team is also known as the flying tiger team. Before entering the team, the disciplinary staff need to complete 11 weeks of tactical professional certificate courses, teach professional tactical training, tactical instructor training and firearms use.

Source: editor in charge of overseas network: huachengyu