Netease CC live broadcast hundred news brand anchor star making plan strongly launched official massive resources heavy support

 Netease CC live broadcast hundred news brand anchor star making plan strongly launched official massive resources heavy support

In this test, two new playing methods, PVP and PVE, have been introduced for the first time: one game is the arena of Yin Yang teacher: Baiwen card. Players will use the Shishen provided by the game to form their own team, and the shenka card will randomly generate card groups. The more victories you win, the more rewards you get. Each strange talk in the strange talk workshop is an independent story. After entering the strange talk adventure, you will encounter different battles or events. The longer you stick to it, the higher reward you will get.

During the test, the CC live broadcast of Netease, which is also under Neteases banner, also opened the star making program of the anchor of Baiwen brand and the event of Baiwen brands popularity. As long as you stay in Netease CC live broadcast area for more than 10 hours during the trial operation of Baiwen brand, you will get a reward. The person with the longest live broadcast time will get a gift of 1000 yuan, and the first person with the highest popularity will get a reward of 1000 yuan Jingdong card.

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The star making plan of the anchor of Baiwen brand is also an important part of the star gathering plan of Netease CC live broadcast. Through understanding the talent and characteristics of the anchor, the platform has planned to cultivate and explore the strengths of the contracted anchor, and vigorously supports the fund, to build the platforms own excellent KOL, to achieve a win-win live ecology.

In addition, the perfect live broadcast environment management and the live broadcast behavior standard supervision of the anchor are also another important link to create a good live broadcast environment. Netease CC live broadcast has the responsibility and obligation to take the lead in platform management and oppose problems such as online gambling and online vulgar pornography. For the illegal gambling activities strongly responded and reported by users, special rectification and key crackdown shall be carried out. The host or individual involved will be given measures such as blocking the account and forbidding live broadcasting, and their individual responsibilities and losses to the platform shall be investigated.

A healthy live broadcast environment, coupled with games of excellent quality, is a complementary process. Netease games provides you with high-quality games and excellent live platforms. At the same time, it will also urge each anchor and audience in the platform to follow the live broadcast specifications and create a green and harmonious entertainment space together!