German most advanced transport aircraft exposed to quality defects

 German most advanced transport aircraft exposed to quality defects

The a-400m transport aircraft equipped by the German air force may have quality defects, according to the daily moral media of November 15.

At present, German Air Force pilots are facing technical problems caused by the most modern transport aircraft of the air force, German news television website reported on November 13. It seems that the important screws in the a-400m transport aircraft with 4 engine structure are loose and need to be checked urgently, which affects the take-off of the aircraft at any time.

Reported that the a-400m transport aircraft may have quality defects, so the German defense forces had to significantly adjust the flight plan. According to Der Spiegel, the cause of the incident was the discovery of loose screw connections in the transporter, including important connecting elements at the propeller.

A-400m transport (Airbus website)

The report points out that the failure screw is related to safety. The German Ministry of defense gave a definite answer to the question. A spokesman for Germanys Ministry of Defense said serious structural damage would result if screw connections were loosened during flight.

The spokesman also said that in order to eliminate the risks in the flight process, necessary inspections are needed. The cumulative additional waiting costs have a great impact on all countries that purchase a-400m models. Since the a-400m is a 4-engine aircraft, technicians must check each aircraft separately for a total of 96 screw connections. Therefore, according to the German side, the overhaul process needs at least 30 hours.

The Bundeswehr has so far received 31 a-400ms. A total of 33 aircraft of this type have been ordered in Germany.

The German Air Force said it refused to accept two new a-400m military transport aircraft until the propeller had been completely removed.

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