Russia tests the new generation of frigates, which may be equipped with hypersonic missiles in the future

 Russia tests the new generation of frigates, which may be equipped with hypersonic missiles in the future

Russian media reported on November 15 that the Russian Navy began to test the new generation of frigate roar.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the new generation of frigate roar arrived at the white sea base of the Northern Fleet for national test, Russia today TV website reported on November 13. The 20385 multi-functional frigate is used to discover and destroy enemy warships and submarines, and protect landing forces and coastal areas. They are equipped with the latest weaponry and will soon be able to carry zircon hypersonic missiles. Russian experts pointed out that the performance of the roar is better than that of the Western warships of the same class.

The first warship of 20385 type built in the northern shipyard of St. Petersburg arrived at the white sea base of the Northern Fleet for national test today, the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a notice

The report said that under complex hydrological and meteorological conditions, the roar sailed from the Baltic Sea to the white sea, which well tested the professional training level of the crew. The Nikolai chicle rescue tug and white sea base troops were escorted in the northern waters, and they will also participate in the roar test in the white sea.

Russian missile frigate roar

At the end of October, the roar, which completed the trial voyage, was temporarily left at the amber shipyard in Kaliningrad state, visited by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei sauigu.

Colonel Roman dovjiailov, the captain of the roar, introduced the operation characteristics and equipment of the warship to the Russian President and the defense chief. He told Putin that the roar was equipped with caliber high-precision missiles, and the latest zircon hypersonic missiles could be installed in the future. The Russian President gave a positive reply to this. There will be zircons, he promised

Victor litovkin, a retired Russian colonel, commented that the installation of hypersonic missiles by the roar was not a problem. Zircon is not customized for this kind of frigate, but the launch box of caliber missile can be modified to use the latest hypersonic missile, he said

According to the report, the 20385 multi-functional frigate was developed by the central Ocean Design Bureau of diamond. The ship has a displacement of 2200 tons, a length of 104 meters, a width of 13 meters, a maximum speed of 27 knots, a range of 3500 nautical miles, a self-sustaining capacity of 15 days and 99 passengers.

The 20385 frigate is equipped with one a-190-01 100mm automatic gun, two ak-630m 30mm proximity guns, eight sets of caliber - NK multi-functional missile launching devices, a rimberg air defense missile system with a large number of launching holes and a pocket NK torpedo system.

In addition, it has installed a series of radio positioning and electronic control systems. For example, the roar is equipped with Sigma combat information command system, the shipborne fulk-2 radar is used to discover the enemies on the sea and in the air, monument a navigation system works with the fire control system, and the dawn and Minotaur reconnaissance and tracking stations are used to discover underwater targets.

The report also said the frigate is actively using composite materials, including non combustible multi-layer plastic. The main superstructure uses the principle of scattering cross section, which greatly reduces the radar and optical visibility. The same materials and principles are applied to the hull, thus reducing the possibility of detection by submarines. All of this greatly enhanced the survival ability of the roar and enabled it to find enemy ships at a long distance, but not by itself.

Compared with similar ships in the west, the technical and tactical performance and rich weapons of the 20385 frigate make it a real multi-functional warship, litovkin said.

Western Ocean powers also have frigates, but they dont have as many weapons as Russia, the expert said. All kinds of frigates in the United States are part of the aircraft carrier battle group, so they do not need anti-ship, air defense, anti submarine and other multi-level armed forces. Almost all Russian warships are equipped with several kinds of self-defense weapons at the same time.

Yuri konutov, a Russian military expert, said that the roar frigate is a model for the application of advanced naval technology.

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