Long term abuse of 4-year-old girl by American nanny: limb fracture and systemic wound

 Long term abuse of 4-year-old girl by American nanny: limb fracture and systemic wound

Overseas network, November 15, recently, Philadelphia police found a heartbreaking case of child abuse. Zia singleton, a 4-year-old girl who was abused by a nanny, was found to be full of scars. After being sent to a doctor for rescue, her treatment failed, and the girl died.

On October 30, police in Philadelphia received a report that a girl fell from a window of her apartment. After rushing to the scene, they found Zia in cold water in the bathroom on the second floor of the house, the mirror reported. Zia had stitched wounds all over her body, the report said. There are also traces of cigarette burns, bites and stabs on the arms and legs. In addition, the fracture of the limbs and the shapeless nose are shocking.

Later, the police immediately sent Zia to the hospital, but unfortunately, on November 3, the hospital declared Zias rescue invalid and died.

Zia, 4 (source: Fox News)

According to the report, pathologists believe Zia died of blunt attack, heat injury and sepsis. This is not in line with Baum Browns earlier claim that the child died in a fall. Philadelphia district attorney assistant lealthy said doctors can confirm that this is clearly a long-term child abuse case. In addition, hospital records show that since April 2016, Zia has never been to the hospital for examination.

In the end, brown admitted that he had stitched Zia. Each time Brown abused Zia, lethi said, he sewed the wound with a needle, repeated similar actions many times, scalded Zia with scalding liquid and treated her at home.

It is understood that due to her inability to raise her, jaesmin, Zias mother, gave her to brown. They lived together for nearly two years. Zia had been abused for a long time, but her mother knew nothing about her daughters fate. When she saw Zia in the hospital, jasmine was surprised. She could hardly recognize her daughter: no mother is ready to face this situation. My daughters whole face was destroyed, with only one pair of eyes left, her head and body burned.

The prosecutor added that four other children aged 2 to 13 in Browns family had been returned to their biological parents homes. Nanny Brown will face charges of murder, child harm and other related crimes.

Source: Overseas Author: Wei Xuewei, Chen Yifan, editor in charge: huachengyu