North Korea gives South Korea an ultimatum: we will not dismantle the mount Kumgang facilities

 North Korea gives South Korea an ultimatum: we will not dismantle the mount Kumgang facilities

Mount Kumgang is not a joint property of North and South (Korea and South Korea).

On November 15 local time, the Korean Central News Agency issued an ultimatum to the South Korean government under this title, asking South Korea to immediately dismantle the facilities in the mount Kumgang tourist area, otherwise, the DPRK will take unilateral action.

On October 23, KCNA reported that Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, had inspected mount Kumgang tourist area. During the inspection, Jin Zhengen criticized that the buildings in the tourist area did not reflect the nationality and were in a mess. They looked like temporary greenhouses or isolation wards in the disaster area. He also instructed to draw up the general development plan of Mt. Kumgang tourist area and asked to discuss with the relevant departments of the ROK to dismantle all facilities in the ROK.

Subsequently, on the 25th, the first North Korean notice was delivered to South Korea. South Koreas Unification Ministry said the demolition would damage relations between the two Koreas, calling for face-to-face contact with the DPRK to solve the problem of Mount Kumgang tourism.

On the 28th, South Korea again sent a notice proposing to hold working talks, but North Korea explicitly refused on the 29th, believing that an agreement can be reached through document exchange.

After several rounds, the DPRK seems to have lost patience. On November 5, the DPRK issued a second notice.

In todays article, KCNA made it clear that mount Kumgang is not a joint property of the two Koreas, nor a symbolic place for reconciliation and cooperation between the two Koreas. We will build mount Kumgang into a world-class cultural tourism destination in our own way, leaving it to the Korean people and future generations, and South Korea (South Korea) does not need to intervene.

North Korea asked South Korea to act as soon as possible and not waste their time. An ultimatum was issued on November 11. If the South Korean (South Korean) authorities continue to adhere to these futile claims, (we will) think that they have abandoned the demolition of facilities and will take decisive measures to carry out the demolition unilaterally.

The mount Kumgang tourism project was officially launched in November 1998 and opened to South Korean tourists. In July 2008, a South Korean tourist broke into the Korean military restricted zone near Mount Kumgang tourist area, was shot dead by North Korean soldiers, and the tourism project was then suspended. In 2007, the last year before the suspension of the project, mount Kumgang attracted about 370000 South Korean tourists. In November 2018, North and South Korea also jointly commemorated the 20th anniversary of the launch of Mount Kumgang tourism project in North Korea.

In addition to the ultimatum given to the ROK, the DPRK expressed its strong dissatisfaction with the ROKs actions according to the will of the US in this article.

The South Korean government, it wrote, looks forward to the future, looks up to peoples noses, wants to go to the United States to talk, but its master son attitude is cold.. North Korea believes that without the permission of the United States, the government of Wen zaiyin is unable to act on the relations between South Korea and North Korea.

This morning, South Koreas Unification Ministry, which was directly pointed at by the DPRK as silent, responded. At a regular press conference, Jin Yinhan, a spokesman, said that there are always differences in positions between the two sides and that the issue of Mount Kumgang needs to be dealt with after communication. But he said bluntly, although the contents of the consultation are being confirmed one by one, there are some problems and difficulties.

In September last year, the leaders of South Korea and North Korea issued a joint declaration on Pyongyang, including giving priority to the revitalization of the Kaesong industrial park and the mount Kumgang tourism project. After that, North Korea repeatedly urged South Korea to do not look at the eyes of the United States and demanded that the mount Kumgang tourism project be restarted unconditionally.

Kim also said in his new years speech that North Korea intends to restart the Kaesong Park and mount Kumgang tourism without any preconditions or costs.

According to Yonhap analysis, Kim Jong Uns announcement to dismantle facilities in South Korea means that he is greatly disappointed that South Korea does not promote the project on the basis of sanctions against North Korea and so on, and has a huge sense of distrust of Wens Government in Yin, and the relationship between South Korea and North Korea may fall to the freezing point again.

In fact, the content of the speech made by Jin yingzhe, chairman of the North Korean Asia Pacific Peace Commission on the 14th more directly reflected the attitude of the DPRK side.

On the same day, Jin yingzhe responded to what U.S. Defense Secretary Robert esper said earlier, may reduce the scale of South Korea US joint air show.. I believe this is president Trumps idea, but I dont think he has reached an agreement with the South Korean (South Korean) authorities in advance, he said.

Because there is no one in Korean politics who can make a wise decision, Jin explained

Yonhap pointed out that it can be seen from his speech that the leadership of North Korea is not only dissatisfied with the priority policy of the South Korea US alliance of the Wen zaiyin government, but also believes that the South Korea US relations are master-slave relations.

In fact, North Koreas distrust of Wen zaiyins government began from the beginning when the joint agreement of South Korea and North Korea was overwhelmed by the South Korea US alliance, which advocated sanctions against North Korea, and gradually accumulated to the peak when the second North Korea US summit in Hanoi, Vietnam broke down.

North Korean authorities and media have repeatedly criticized Wen for his inconsistent words and deeds, hypocrisy and double faced people in the Yin government. This year, new weapons have been frequently tested to increase deterrence. In the face of natural disasters and economic problems, the North Korean government also refuses to accept food aid from South Korea, and is resolute.

In April this year, Kim Jong Un delivered a speech at the 14th Supreme Peoples conference of North Korea, asking Wen zaiyin government not to be a mediator or promoter who is carefree and meddlesome, but to be a party to safeguard national interests in the spirit of independence.

Hong Min, head of the North Korea Research Office of the Korean Unification Research Institute, said that even if substantive progress was made in the DPRK US dialogue, the DPRK would adopt a separation strategy for the DPRK US relations. The end of the year is the last time node for the resumption of negotiations between the DPRK and the United States, and it is possible that (Kim Jong Un) will deliver a new tone to the ROK in the new years message, and there is a great possibility that the ROK will be completely excluded by the DPRK.

Experts on North Korea from South Koreas National University believe that with only six weeks left until the end of the year, North Korea will intensify its offensive in this period of time, leaving little time for South Korea and the United States.

Source of this article: Zong Xiang, editor in charge of news: Dai Wenjia, nb12498