Lin Zhilings wedding ceremony will not receive gifts. Teacher Hong Weiming will attend the wedding banquet

 Lin Zhilings wedding ceremony will not receive gifts. Teacher Hong Weiming will attend the wedding banquet

On November 15, Netease Entertainment Daily reported that Lin Zhiling will have a wedding on November 17. According to Taiwan media reports, Hong Weiming, Lins mentor, was not on the invitation list, which made him quite angry. Later, Zhiling hurriedly made up for it. He decided to miss the happy event even though he was angry.

Hong Weiming, the founder of Kaiwo company, was puzzled by the medias false reports. He didnt know where the rumors came from. He said that the news was a little funny and angry. He usually talked with Lin Zhiling on the phone and cared about each other. As long as there was a gap between the two sides, they would meet each other for dinner and tea. The first time Lin Zhiling announced the wedding news, she called politely to greet him. Hong Weiming also felt happy for his daughters marriage and wished him a good home.

To hold the wedding banquet, Lin Zhiling personally sent a text message invitation, and these two days sent out the actual wedding invitation. At the moment of receiving the message, Hong Weiming and Zhiling immediately called to express their wishes and went back in person: that night, I was still the coordinator, so I couldnt leave. I feel very sorry. To this end, Lin Zhiling specially sent back a message saying its a pity that she hopes Mr. Hong can come. In order to make up for the absence of the wedding banquet, I also recorded a video to congratulate myself. I hope that Lin Zhiling and Akira can be happy forever and love forever.

Hongweiming also revealed that he had agreed with Lin Zhiling that she would take her husband Akira to meet for dinner some day after marriage, and then he would make up another gift for them and send them full blessings. Now it is reported that Hong Weiming seldom gets angry. In order to break the false rumors, he gets the elders understanding in advance and attends his daughters wedding banquet.

In addition, due to the fact that Lin and his wife did not receive any gift money or gifts at this wedding banquet, Kaiwo company also donated the gift money to the charity foundation of Zhiling to help more people in need.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Han Chong, nbj11345