Report of investigation on 78 deaths caused by water explosion in Jiangsu Province

 Report of investigation on 78 deaths caused by water explosion in Jiangsu Province

Recently, the State Council approved the 3.21 special major explosion accident investigation report of Jiangsu Xiangshui tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. According to the investigation team of the State Council, the 3.21 special major explosion accident of Jiangsu Xiangshui tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a special major production safety liability accident that causes spontaneous combustion and explosion due to long-term illegal storage of hazardous wastes.

At about 14:48 on March 21, 2019, tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Xiangshui ecological chemical park, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, suffered a particularly serious explosion accident, resulting in 78 deaths, 76 serious injuries, 640 hospitalizations, and a direct economic loss of 1.986 billion yuan. After the accident, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it. General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly made important instructions, called for emergency rescue, timely treatment of the wounded, doing well the rehabilitation work, finding out the cause of the accident as soon as possible, and releasing authoritative information in a timely manner, emphasizing that all localities and relevant departments should draw lessons from them, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, strictly implement the responsibility system for safety production, and ensure the health of the masses. Safety of life and property. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that there is still a big gap in the implementation of safety production work. Premier Li Keqiang and other leading comrades also gave instructions, stressing that effective measures should be taken to control the sources of danger, further investigate and eliminate the hidden dangers of safety production in key industries such as hazardous chemicals, and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents. Appointed by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, State Councilor Wang Yong led the responsible comrades of relevant departments to the scene immediately to guide the rescue work.

On March 22, the special major explosion accident investigation team of Jiangsu Xiangshui 3.21 under the State Council was established, led by the Ministry of emergency management, with the participation of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of ecological environment, the National Federation of trade unions and the government of Jiangsu Province. Experts from explosion, criminal investigation, chemical industry, environmental protection and other fields were invited to participate in the investigation. Through repeated on-site inspection, detection and identification, data review, personnel inquiry, simulation experiment, expert argumentation, etc., the direct cause and nature of the accident were found out, the illegal and illegal problems of the accident enterprises and intermediary organizations were found out, and the existing problems in the supervision of the local Party committee and government and relevant departments were found out.

The accident investigation team found out that the direct cause of the accident was that the nitration waste stored illegally for a long time in the old solid waste warehouse of tianjiayi company continued to accumulate heat and heat, resulting in spontaneous combustion and explosion. The accident investigation team found that tianjiayi company ignored national environmental protection and safety production laws and regulations, deliberately concealed reports, illegally stored and illegally disposed of nitrated waste, disordered safety and environmental protection management, daily inspection fraud, solid waste warehouse and other projects were not built in advance. Relevant environmental assessment, safety assessment and other intermediary service agencies have seriously violated laws and regulations and issued false and untrue assessment reports.

At the same time, the accident investigation team found that the emergency management departments at all levels in Jiangsu Province failed to perform their duties of comprehensive supervision on work safety, the ecological environment departments failed to seriously perform their duties of supervision on hazardous wastes, and the departments of industry and information technology, market supervision, planning, housing and construction, and fire control also had violations to varying degrees. Xiangshui county and ecological chemical industry park do not strictly control the safety and environmental protection of investment attraction, ignore the major risks and hidden dangers of tianjiayi company for a long time, and control the resumption of production is only a formality. Jiangsu Province and Yancheng City have not seriously implemented the safety production responsibility system of local party and government leaders, and major safety risk screening and control are not comprehensive, in-depth and solid.

The clue of the illegal and disciplinary problems found by the accident investigation team in the investigation has been transferred to the relevant parties for investigation and punishment, and the outstanding problems of work safety found have been transferred to the relevant departments and local authorities for handling.

The accident investigation team summed up 8 lessons from the accident and put forward 6 preventive measures. It pointed out that local Party committees, governments and relevant departments, especially Jiangsu, Yancheng City and Xiang Shui county, must resolutely implement the spirit of a series of important instructions made by general secretary Xi Jinping on safety production, draw lessons from the accident, draw inferences and draw lessons from each other, and effectively guard against and defuse dangerous chemicals. Systematic major safety risks should be placed in a more prominent position. We should adhere to the bottom line thinking and red line awareness, firmly establish a new development concept, focus on strengthening the safety of hazardous chemicals, strengthen the supervision of hazardous wastes, strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, accelerate the formulation and revision of relevant laws, regulations and standards, and improve the safety of hazardous chemicals Supervision ability, effective prevention and control of major accidents, and effective maintenance of peoples lives and property safety.