I dont care about supermodel II Kaia, just want to know how she can dress like this

 I dont care about supermodel II Kaia, just want to know how she can dress like this

When I was 10 years old, I signed up for young Versace, the Deputy line of Versace childrens wear, and became the spokesperson. Even post was the same as my mother.

In 2015, a group of photos were taken for teevogues Cross Annual magazine, with excellent performance at a young age.

In the same year, at the age of 14, she officially signed up with img agency to become a model, along with her brother Presley walker. God is so eccentric. The brothers and sisters perfectly inherit the supermodel gene. Look at the beauty.

In 2016, 2016 spring and summer sunglasses advertising videos and Daisy perfume advertisements were taken for MiuMiu.

At the age of 16, he started fashion week and dedicated his first show to calvinklein. At the Alexander Wang show, Bella and Kendall became the opening models.

Whether its a handsome British look or a romantic fairy skirt, Kaia can control it perfectly.

Kaia won effortlessly in comparison with the online Red KFC in the same show.

Although born on the starting line, Kaia Gerber didnt rely on the background of his family. He had firm eyes, walked with wind and swayed his posture when he was on show, and stood firmly in the fashion circle by his own ability.

Kaiagerber has a high level of business, is favored by the fashion circle, has a steady stream of large-scale invitations, magazine shooting and brand endorsement.

Endorsement of Marc Jacobs spring and summer 2018

He took the single advertisement of Chanels handbag, which was also a big film shot by the master Buddha

Become the spokesperson of Hudson jeans

In 2017, he and his brother Presley became the new celebrity Ambassador of Omega.

Take the CK ad with my brother

Become the new global face of YSL beauty in 2018

Kaia Gerbers appearance on the street every time is remarkable. Its worth learning how to wear private clothes. How to wear jeans, sneakers, and the necessary items in everyones wardrobe?

In summer, a croptop with light colored jeans is simple and fashionable. Croptop visually shortens the upper body, creates a perfect proportion, extends the length of legs, and creates long legs.

You can add a coat when its cold, even if you have a little belly, you dont need to be afraid. The long coat covers the upper part of your body and perfectly beautifies your body.

In addition to the look of crop + jeans, Kaias mix and match look of suits and coats is also impressive.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Yi nq4682