In Hong Kong, the foreign media, whose violence escalated into white washing of thugs, began to turn to

 In Hong Kong, the foreign media, whose violence escalated into white washing of thugs, began to turn to

Overseas network, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) - over the past five months, Hong Kong thugs have been constantly breaking the bottom line of violence, which has reached the point where no one can stand it. More and more foreign media are beginning to face up to the truth about the violent rioters in Hong Kong. Even the foreign media, who had colored the situation in Hong Kong and had voiced and washed the white for the rioters, are turning to report.

According to Hong Kongs Wen Hui Pao, 15, when reporting the recent situation in Hong Kong, foreign media began to directly use black terror to describe the situation in Hong Kong, and the names of Hong Kong rioters have changed. They directly use the words mob and other related words, and in the report, they criticized the black mob for indiscriminate attacks on Hong Kong citizens and other ugly acts, as well as the use of fake by foreign media to Hong Kongs rioters The despicable actions of the news, which constantly make waves and promote the escalation of violence, have been disclosed in detail.

Wen Wei Po spent nearly a whole page on 15 days sorting out reports of recent events in Hong Kong by major Western media.

In a report on the 12th, the Wall Street Journal no longer accused Hong Kong Police of rioting, but used a large amount of space to expose the violence of the mob in black, pointing out that the mob in black had caused serious damage to the city for the second day in a row, traffic services were interrupted, schools were closed and roads were blocked, describing it as one of the bloodiest riots in more than five months.

The New York Times, with its political bias, recently revealed in an article entitled one day of violence in Hong Kong, that the so-called three strikes initiated by the mobs in black have disrupted the lives of Hong Kong citizens on a large scale, and denounced the bad behavior of the mobs in black throwing oil and setting fire to political dissidents. At the end of the article, it is emphasized that these violence are really ugly.

Bloomberg News Agency analyzed fake news and rumors in Hong Kong contribute to violent activities on December 12, saying that rumors contribute to violent activities in Hong Kong, and incitement groups use lies to stimulate hatred, which makes the situation in Hong Kong fall into a vicious circle of violence.

In addition, in recent reports on the situation in Hong Kong, associated press, BBC, economist, France Radio International and other foreign media began to explicitly use the words mob, anti-government and black terror to expose the evils of the mob in black.

Wen Wei Po said that the turn reported by foreign media indicated that fanbangists were losing their so-called international support and that the so-called foreign brand of fanbangists had tended to go bankrupt.

On the 14th, a number of politicians in Hong Kong also made it clear in an interview that the terrorist acts of thugs in black clothes breaking the bottom line have been unacceptable to all civilized societies.

Chen Yong, vice chairman of the peoples Federation of Hong Kong, said that the bottom line of human civilization and morality in contemporary society is close to the standard, and countries and regions with different ideologies are all against terrorism. In the face of Hong Kong mobs abusing lynching, setting fire to trains, throwing petrol bombs and arson, which are becoming more and more terrifying and have lost the moral bottom line, even the biased Western media in China can no longer ignore them.

Lu Ruian, deputy to the National Peoples Congress of the port area, severely criticized the despicable behavior of the gang members who ignored the facts and contributed to the violence in Hong Kong. He said that if the gang members did not repent and refused to cut seats with violence, they would become the eternal sinners in Hong Kong. One day, they would also eat the bad fruit and become the target of the mob attack. (Zhang Shasha, overseas website)

Source: editor in charge of overseas network: huachengyu