The factual mistakes in Li Xiaolus statement

 The factual mistakes in Li Xiaolus statement

I agree that in the case of unequal information, personal feelings are really not well evaluated and there is no need to judge her morally.

But there are many factual mistakes in this copy.

1. Nuclear fission

At the beginning, Li Xiaolu wrote:

Nuclear fission is caused by forces other than itself The merits and demerits of everything are not as simple as they seem from the beginning to the end...

I understand the second half of this sentence, but the first half cant stand scrutiny.

Maybe Li Xiaolu wants to talk about the chain reaction of nuclear fission and the man-made nuclear reaction caused by neutron impact, but in fact, nuclear fission is not only the man-made nuclear reaction, but also the spontaneous nuclear fission.

In addition, there is also a problem in the generation of nuclear fission, because we generate nuclear energy through nuclear fission, so it is more rigorous in turn.

2. Piranhas in the Nile.

Li Xiaolu wrote:

In 2018, it seems that I fell into the Nile and was immediately attacked by groups of piranhas, only the skeleton was left.

But actually piranhas dont live in the Nile.

The name piranha does not refer to a particular kind of fish, but a general term for the freshwater fishes of Cyprinidae, which have the habit of eating meat. In the native dialect of piranha, this kind of fish is called piranha, which means fish with teeth. In China, this kind of fish is often called piranha and piranha.

It looks like this:

Because of the sharp teeth and the habit of attacking prey in groups, we have many literary works describing it as a cannibal monster, but in fact, this kind of thing doesnt happen much. Only in the place where there are many piranhas and the water level is low, the piranhas will occasionally attack humans wantonly.

Where do piranhas live?

It mainly lives in the Amazon River Basin of South America,

A small number of rivers in the United States have also been found because of ethnic invasion.

But in any case, there is no piranha in the Nile in Africa.

3. Confucius said, a man is not a sage, but a man without fault.

Li Xiaolu wrote:

But in fact, this is not what Confucius said.

This sentence comes from Zuozhuan Xuangongs second year. It tells the story of Zhao Duns admonition to Jin linggong. It was said by Zhao Dun, the Minister of Jin State.

Although the full name of Zuozhuan is Zuoshi Chunqiu, which is an annotation and supplement to Chunqiu, Chunqiu was compiled by Confucius. However, the spring and Autumn Annals is very simple, and there is no such sentence as no one who has no fault. In the spring and Autumn period, the second year of Xuangong, there is only one sentence:

In autumn and September, Yichou was killed by Zhao Dun of Jin Dynasty. In winter and October, Yihai, the king of heaven collapsed.

Therefore, it is obvious that the saying human beings are not sages, who can do without fault is not what Confucius said and cannot be classified as Confucius said. Another one. In fact, there is the second half of the sentence, people are not sages, but they cant make mistakes. Theres nothing good about it. in fact, the focus is on the latter sentence.

No better thing than to be able to recognize your mistakes and correct them. But in the original story, the fatuous King Ling Gong didnt correct his mistakes, and he still ignored peoples lives. Later, Duke Ling of Jin was killed. Therefore, this sentence is intended to persuade others to correct their mistakes. If they do not correct their mistakes, they will suffer bad consequences. Unfortunately, when modern people use this sentence, they often miss the latter one and only use the first half to find excuses for their mistakes. Its really putting the cart before the horse.

Besides, there are many small mistakes, so I wont nitpick.

Although I think Im a bit proficient in this way, its obvious that Li Xiaolu lacks knowledge of piranha, Confucius and nuclear physics. But when she writes her microblog, she must give these examples to pretend that she knows a lot about culture.


Without these examples, you can still write an article with the theme of you dont understand my personal affairs, dont judge my feelings casually. Why should you mix in the fields you dont understand at all?

The most famous actor who loves to mix in his own field is Jin Dong, who calls himself an intellectual

He had to quote Van Gogh in his microblog:

However, this sentence is obviously not what Van Gogh said, and it is not a person who can say it at all. After checking, it is indeed a golden sentence of Chinese Internet:

Then he was very fond of using traditional Chinese characters:

Of course, no Nobel Prize in mathematics will be mentioned:

Tell you quietly that Nobel has no prize in Mathematics

So far, Jin Dong Nobel Prize in mathematics is still circulating online.

An actor with good acting skills has a lot of black material for no reason.


Zhai Tianlin, the postdoctoral who has been selling his highest education in entertainment circle, doesnt even know what Zhiwang is:

Finally, he was stripped out of academic plagiarism. He was not only caught by the whole network for a month, but also his doctoral degree was revoked, and he was also named academic misconduct.

This is also a good actor. Why?

Jiang Yiyan, who had to sell talented women to win the architectural award, and Guan Xiaotong, who solved the bivariate equation on the program and became a master of learning, all ended up with a black result.

Its suggested that these stars should take what they dont have as nothing. Theres really no need to work hard.