Donggong: its not boring to talk a little, but if they dont say anything like this, it will hurt others and themselves

 Donggong: its not boring to talk a little, but if they dont say anything like this, it will hurt others and themselves

But most of the time, I am still awake. I understand that the role has to find problems by itself, get out of difficulties, and get happiness or benefits. However, there are some plots, but I really cant understand why the author arranged them like this.

It is clear that those who know the truth can solve the misunderstanding crisis or even change the fate of the characters in one word, but they are arranged to keep their mouths shut and say nothing.

When watching East Palace, I feel that many places are so confusing. The two most confusing roles are Peizhao and Adu.

They knew what had happened between the hero and the heroine, but they didnt even choose to explain it.

Even though the protagonists and heroines love each other, they cant get together smoothly because of all kinds of misunderstandings and reality, as well as some unavoidable illusions, so that they lose both sides and end up in tragedy.

Perhaps the relationship and emotional problems of the leading men and women are too complex. The two people who know the truth most recently dont know which parts can be said and which parts cant be said.

Thats why they decided to leave it to the protagonists and heroines. But it doesnt seem reasonable, and it doesnt help the leading men and women.

If it is a kind of destruction to say fear, it can be said that those parts can promote their feelings and make them less sad and misunderstood.

However, they didnt say anything. They were so anxious that the audience kept saying that they didnt have to donate their mouths

In real life, there are also many people who fail in expression, say or not? How do I say this? Does it help people? Will become a kind of trouble and obstruction, so that those who originally knew the truth, hesitated to choose to hide.

Although there is a saying: silence is gold, misfortune comes out of the mouth and more words will lose, there are still many times when speaking out is an important thing.

Especially when the parties are confused, confused, wrong, misunderstood or confused in the predicament, the words of the insiders may change their life, their choices, attitudes, mood and behaviors.

Just like Pei Zhao said to Li Chengyin who Gu Xiaowu is, Li Chengyin would not continue to think that Gu Jian is Gu Xiaowu, and would not be angry, jealous and mad, killing Gu Jian in pain.

If he did not die, Xiao Feng would not hate Li Chengyin more. If he returned to Xizhou, he might not have lost his life before the confrontation between the two armies.

Therefore, when to say the truth and when not to say it, it depends on the situation. Its not good and helpful for people around you to keep your mouth shut.

That kind of psychology of saying nothing more than one thing less is really a must.

Especially when people around you need assist, this kind of stuffy partner will let you down, because they either dont open their mouth, or open their mouth to say, only to destroy, not to help.

This kind of idea and experience, in fact, has a similar situation in the relationship, that is, a lot of words are not clear.

Either you want the other person to guess it, or you think the other person should understand it, or you should believe me 100%, why should I say that clearly?

Once there are these ideas, the relationship is prone to problems, separation, or deeper and deeper misunderstanding, more and more. Sometimes, it will lead to the situation of harming others and yourself due to misunderstanding.

When everyone is negligent and uncertain, you need to explain, be honest and act in accordance with your words. Otherwise, if you dont say it, how can I know what you mean?

The understanding and tacit understanding of the world is also based on the habit of communication. Originally still in the running in period, you dont love me, but in fact, you love me. How can I be so sure of your true heart?

Similarly, the relationship between people around us sometimes needs our help, because the parties may not know each others feelings towards themselves? Is there true love? Have you paid anything behind your back?

Speaking out by yourself may seem like asking for credit, so its very important for the bystanders to pass on their words.

Therefore, dont be stingy with your words, especially when you see lovers misunderstandings and tortures each other, help them with your mouth. Maybe you can make two lovers get married and have a happy life!