Captain of American womens volleyball team: I havent heard of the spirit of womens volleyball team. I feel very cool. The rise of America depends on patriotism

 Captain of American womens volleyball team: I havent heard of the spirit of womens volleyball team. I feel very cool. The rise of America depends on patriotism

As the captain of the American womens volleyball team, Jordan Larson, wearing the uniform of Shanghai Guangming womens volleyball team this season, is also a new experience for the stars main attack.

In the first three games of the season, Shanghai womens volleyball team won three consecutive victories. In an exclusive interview with surging journalists, Larson was quite satisfied with his current state, every day we are getting better, and I can gradually understand my teammates better.

In addition, Chinas fans, the subway, and even the developed takeout have left a deep impression on her. For the first time, she heard about the spirit of womens volleyball team and the feeling of spiritual support behind this competition sounds cool.

Platoon super new experience: the defense here is more tenacious

Shanghai bright womens volleyball team has attracted a lot of attention in the new season, one of the main reasons is the support of two foreign players.

Lipman, from Germany, did well, ranking first in the overall scoring table and the average scoring table of each game, while another foreign aid was equally brilliant - this was Jordan Larson, the main attacker in the name of captain of the United States.

As the team leader of the worlds top team, Larson helped the American womens volleyball team stand on the podium of the 2014 World Championship, and then led the team to win the bronze medal at the Rio Olympic Games. At the world cup of womens volleyball, which ended not long ago, she and the US team followed the Chinese womens volleyball team to win the second place.

In fact, before joining Shanghai womens volleyball team, Larsons career footprint has traveled all over the world: Puerto Rico, Russia, Turkey

And this time to Chinas row super, her biggest experience is: Heres a strong defense.

There will be a little difference in the style of the game. There will be more defences and longer rounds. Its a new experience for me. I have to learn how to play here. She said in an interview with surging journalists.

You have to think about the line of attack, whether it will be defended by the other side, you have to be prepared in advance in your mind. Even for the experienced Larson, scoring in the volleyball match is not as easy as you think.

However, although he is modest in speech, Larsons performance in data is remarkable. After the first three group matches, she ranked No. 4 in the total score list. She is already the Shanghai womens volleyball player who scored the most in addition to another Shanghai foreign aid Lipman. At the same time, her offensive scoring rate also ranked in the top 10, ranked sixth in the league.

Before the season, Wang Zhiteng, the coach of Shanghai womens volleyball team, revealed the reason why Larson was invited to join the team: rich experience, fine technology, which coincided with the consistent style of play of Shanghai team.

And the three consecutive victories in the opening season also gave Larson full confidence in his integration. Generally speaking, we started well, which made me feel very happy. Im comfortable with the pace of the game and were getting better every day Learn Chinese and enjoy the journey with an open mind

When asked if there was anything that surprised him after he arrived in China, Larson thought for a while, but still couldnt come up with an answer.

I dont have any expectations, just feel every day, keep learning and open mind. There must be a lot of differences between here and the United States, but its good in general.

After coming to Shanghai, Larson felt very warm for the facilities and contents of training, the living environment and all kinds of help provided by the club.

The team arranged accommodation for her and Lipman outside the oasis of the east base, with the driver in charge of transportation. In addition, the teammate coach also paid attention to her adaptation and gave a lot of suggestions.

Since he came to play in China, Larson also learned some simple Chinese words consciously, I dont know whether I can speak well or not, but Im trying to do it, which also helps me a lot. In fact, many of the team members speak English very well. When we need it, we also have translators to help us.

So on the court, you can hear Larson shouting come on in Chinese, or remind his teammates to catch the ball. Similar moves have also been praised by manager Wang Zhiteng.

Of course, she was surprised by the enthusiasm of the Shanghai audience. During the competition, many people came to sign for photos, and even some people would give some small gifts. Everyone is very warm, and they all like volleyball very much. Its nice to see such a scene, which makes me feel very warm welcome atmosphere.

With the halo of captain of American womens volleyball team, no matter the opponent, fans or media, they will inevitably pay more attention to Larson. For the veteran, this is not only the driving force, but also the pressure.

But the player who has been playing overseas for many years has been used to it. I cant control the opinions of others, good and bad, but thats their opinions. I wont pay too much attention to them. What I have to do is concentrate on improving myself.

Larson and Zhu Ting have a good relationship. Before this years World Cup, Larson gave Zhu ting a small gift.

Looking forward to the next fight with Zhu Ting

Before he came to China, Larsson had played in many leagues. When I was playing in Puerto Rico, I was still learning to be a professional player. That league was not a long season. After arriving in Russia, the pace has been a lot tense, and there are many long-distance trips to be carried out. There are a lot of high rises and high fights there, and we attach great importance to strong attacks.

In the Turkish League, there are a lot of high-level players, the competition is fierce, and the number of games is very large. When it comes to the words play more, Larson cant help but show a wry smile.

Indeed, for the 33 year old Larson, its hard for the European giants to spend more than half a year in a season, playing a dense schedule of about 50 games. Besides, in 2020, there will be the Tokyo Olympic Games. In order to have more rest time, Chinas shortened schedule seems to be a good choice.

Just for the Olympic Games, the total length of the new season is only more than two months, and the winning team needs to play 18 games at most. Compared with the previous years, it has greatly reduced the physical requirements of the team.

Although he joked that his current physical condition is still very good, but Larson is also very frank, it is obvious that my age is growing, sometimes my body refuses to work, sometimes I feel tired.

However, this will not affect her determination to work hard. Every day I will try my best to do my best. Although sometimes I have some pain, it is still very good in general. She raised her foot and knocked on the wooden floor of the training ground, knock the wood.

Of course, for Shanghai womens volleyball team and Larson, although the start is good, the more severe test is still ahead. In the League group, Shanghai womens volleyball team, together with Shandong, Zhejiang and Hebei, is divided into group C. in terms of strength, it is not a big problem to qualify for the top eight, but after that, it will inevitably encounter with strong enemies such as Beijing, Tianjin and Jiangsu.

For these strong opponents, Larson also had psychological preparation early, especially Zhu Ting, who often met in the Turkish Super League.

I have played with Zhu Ting many times in Turkey. She is very talented. Every time I play with her, it will be very interesting. This kind of confrontation can make me better. Chinese womens volleyball spirit, very cool

In fact, this is not Larsons first visit to Shanghai. She came to Shanghai as early as ten years ago, and also played a friendly match with the University of Nebraska volleyball team and Shanghai womens volleyball team. This time, she came to the city again, which did not make her feel too strange.

Theres great food, friendly people, and the subway is very convenient. Now the popular take out in China makes her love it even more. Its amazing. Its very fast. You place an order and its delivered in a short time.

After coming to Shanghai, she has been shopping in many places, and even went to hot pot with her team friend lillipman. But in addition to eating out and trying out takeout, she also cooks herself at her home.

This kind of life outside, she has mastered, although this is also the result of life forced.

For American womens volleyball players, going abroad is a kind of normal that they have to accept. Even like Chinese womens volleyball players, being able to play in China for a long time is a kind of happiness from a certain point of view.

There is no other choice for us because there is no league in our country. If there is, I think there will be many people willing to play in our country.

I can understand why most of the Chinese players dont stay abroad, because this is your home. You can play in your hometown without leaving your hometown and family. Its not easy to play overseas for half a year without your family.

Larson said he plans to return to the United States to have a good rest after this seasons row, while maintaining training and physical condition. While some of the super league players choose to go to other leagues after the short schedule, Larson has no similar plan.

An important reason is that she wants to take good care of her body for the coming Olympic Games and calmly meet the challenges of the Chinese womens volleyball team.

The Chinese womens volleyball team is very strong. We have met many times in the field. Jenny (Lang Pings English name) has also made a lot of contributions to the American team. The Chinese team often win medals or titles in the Olympic Games. Not only are there many talented players, but also they train very hard

In addition to Zhu Ting, many of the players of the Chinese team are very strong and have the ability to take over the game. They can take over, assist and pass the second pass Its all very strong.

As for the womens volleyball spirit which is often said by Chinese people, Larson didnt know it before, but after hearing the origin and development of the term, he nodded his head repeatedly and praised, I havent heard of it before, but this feeling of spiritual support behind the game sounds cool.

In Larsons view, the reason why the American womens volleyball team can rise is precisely patriotism to fight for the country, despite all kinds of difficulties, still fight with a collective attitude and mentality. To some extent, this also coincides with the spirit of Chinese womens volleyball team.

Source: surging news editor: Zhao Ruiqi, nb12596