Pique: I always watch NBA. I usually go to bed at 1:00 a.m. Real Madrid complains that it doesnt make sense

 Pique: I always watch NBA. I usually go to bed at 1:00 a.m. Real Madrid complains that it doesnt make sense

Madrid is my second home and I always feel loved there, said pique. No one has ever had a bad attitude towards me, even though Barcelona Real Madrid have always been antagonistic. Maybe its strange, but I often appear in Madrid and take pictures with the Madrid people. Its just on the pitch, not on the street.

Pique thinks he is a Spanish Patriot: I started playing for Spain when I was 16, no one can question my sense of responsibility. I was booed for two years in the national team and I didnt leave. I quit Spain after the 2018 World Cup because my time is over. Im 31 years old and I dont like to train in the national team all week

Would you like to take part in the Olympic Games? I dont know if I can compete. Its a long time. If I had the chance, I would not close any door. But I dont want to put pressure on the coach. Id like to talk to the coach, not say it publicly.

Pique admits that he and Ramos are not friends: Ramos didnt invite me to his wedding, but its nothing. I invited him to the Davis Cup.

Real Madrid have complained about a 29 hour break after the national Derby was postponed. Pique thinks its nonsense: less rest before this game means more rest before the next game. There will always be complaints, but thats what the schedule is like. Players are used to playing with less rest than their opponents, but everything in the national derby has been magnified. For example, I dont like playing during the day, I prefer playing at night. In the national Derby, we must sometimes have less rest than Real Madrid. Its not Barcelonas request for an extension of the national Derby, its the official decision of La Liga

Distract tennis to affect the state? Pique denied: last season was one of my best seasons and I was fully committed to the Davis Cup. I know people always have words, but Im not worried about that. To play in Barcelona, you have to go all out. Its hard to play in Barcelona if youre not one of the top three players in the world

I usually go to bed at 1 a.m. and I watch a lot of NBA games, pique admitted. I will coax the children to sleep first, and I will watch TV with Shakira.

Barcelona are in a bad season and pique admits: of course we should play better, but weve been criticized too much. Weve won two consecutive titles in La Liga, and the attack is a little over the top now. Barcelona are the least valued club in terms of results. We not only have to win, but also win well. We didnt play at the level people were expecting and we talked about that in the dressing room. I dont watch the media after the game. Im cut off from the media. I only read the news on Twitter or from my family.

Pique spoke about grizmans downturns: in real society and Atletico, the whole team played around him. In Barcelona, this is not the case, because the overall level of Barcelona players is high. He has to find his place, he will find it because he has talent and ability.

If I were him, I could understand him. Players always wanted to play, pique said

Pique thinks Messi is better than Maradona: I think Nadal is better than Federer, Messi is better than Maradona. Because Messis achievements in these 15 years are incomparable.

Either Mourinho or klopper? I like them both, pike replied. When Mourinho was in charge of Real Madrid, we were at one point tit for tat. But if you talk on the road, its a totally different situation.

Pique had accurately predicted Real Madrids 0-4 defeat in the Madrid Derby (February 2015): before Real Madrids 0-4 loss to Atletico, I told Casillas that I wanted them to concede 4 goals, and they really lost 0-4.

Will Messi leave Barcelona in the summer? Pike gave a negative answer: he wont go. I know the situation. There is no potential risk.

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