Hong Kongs innocent citizens died of brick death

 Hong Kongs innocent citizens died of brick death

A man is believed to have been hit in the head with a brick Sunday night in Sheung Shui, New Territories, Hong Kong. On the afternoon of the 15th, Hong Kong Police briefed the media about the case, saying that the case had been transferred from the wounded to the murders, and called on witnesses to provide information to the police.

Police said that according to the current information, at noon on the day of the crime, some people were cleaning bricks on the road near the scene of the crime, and several masked people in black had a dispute with them. Masked people in black then left the scene, and the public continued to clean up. A few minutes later, more people in black returned to the scene, and there was another dispute. During this period, the people in black first threw bricks and other objects in the direction of the public, and the public also threw similar objects to the people in black to fight back. At that time, the dead was at the scene, holding a mobile phone to take a picture of the scene. A masked man in black threw a brick like object at the dead man, whose head was hit and fell to the ground.

According to the police, the deceased was a 70 year old man who was an external cleaner of the food and environment department. On the day of the incident, he was arranged to work in the area of Sheung Shui Shek market, but the scope did not include the location of the incident. He appeared at the location of the incident during the lunch break. Police also said they would investigate the restructuring of CCTV at the scene and called on witnesses to provide relevant information.

Source: CCTV news client Author: Gao Zhan editor in charge: Hua Chengyu