What do African presidents invite Ma Yun to chat with entrepreneurs in three countries a day?

 What do African presidents invite Ma Yun to chat with entrepreneurs in three countries a day?

Figure / Ma Yun and Nigerian vice president osinbacho

On the morning of the same day, Ma Yunxian attended the local digital economy summit in Nigeria to exchange ideas with entrepreneurs. The invitation, from Nigerias vice president, osinbacho, said in a subsequent meeting with Ma Yun that young Nigerians are very active in the digital economy, and Ma Yuns visit makes him very proud. Ma Yun said that it will promote the inclusive development of the digital economy in Africa.

A few hours later, Ma Yun flew to Togo, a West African country, to sit around and talk with dozens of entrepreneurs from French speaking African countries, accompanied by the president of Togo.

President Faure of Togo is ambitious to develop the digital economy and cultivate young entrepreneurs. In September last year, Frey came to China to attend the China Africa summit, and made a special detour to Alibaba to ask Ma Yun for advice. This time, Ma Yun went to togo to communicate with local entrepreneurs at the invitation of Frey.

On the afternoon of the 14th, Frey met Ma Yun at the airport and went straight to LOM u00e9 palace for a visit. More than 20 entrepreneurs from Togo and other French speaking African countries have also been waiting for a long time.

Picture / President Frey of Togo invites Ma Yun to visit LOM u00e9 Palace

The long-distance flight did not stop Ma Yuns enthusiasm for Africa. He said to the young entrepreneurs at the scene, seeing you is like seeing myself 20 years ago.

Ma Yun encouraged them with his own experience, I tried to go to Silicon Valley to raise funds, and I ran into difficulties again and again, because no one believed that Chinas Internet would develop, no one believed that China, because we had no credit card, no logistics. But because of this, there are opportunities for us entrepreneurs. If China has everything, what else can we do?

In his eyes, unlike Europe, which worries everywhere, Africa is full of hope, because Africa does not worry about anything but wants the future. The government should make sure that young entrepreneurs become heroes, because they are heroes.

Whether in Nigeria or Togo, the most frequently asked question is how Africa can learn from China. Ma Yun shared four suggestions for establishing e in Africa: first, empowering and supporting entrepreneurs; second, e-Infrastructure, an Internet infrastructure, which enables everyone to access the Internet, use mobile phones, buy, sell, pay and deliver everywhere; third, e-government, which can make the government transparent and efficient. Last but not least, e-education.

After the talks with President Faure, Ma Yun set out for Ghana again. The first 10 entrepreneurs selected by Ma Yun Africa youth entrepreneurship fund will be challenged by Ma Yun and other judges in Ghana.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Chen Hequn, nb12679