The movie the sky fire exposes Wang Xueqis special thriller action play to go to battle lightly

 The movie the sky fire exposes Wang Xueqis special thriller action play to go to battle lightly

Netease Entertainment reported on November 15 that the movie fire today released Wang Xueqis special production. The lens focuses on the actor Wang Xueqis mental journey behind the scenes and in front of the curtain, and also shows the fire familys attitude of continuous improvement and the hard shooting process. Tianhuo tells a story about a sudden volcanic crisis. Li Wentao, played by Wang Xueqi, led Li Xiaomeng (Kunling) and others to unfold a dangerous story of self rescue and his rescue with wisdom and courage. With ups and downs of the plot, he composed a sacred song of human nature. The film will be released on December 12.

The first exposure of Wang Xueqis special edition of Tianhuo and hand in hand with Tianhuo family

In this exposure of fire, the actor Wang Xueqis superb acting skills, one-off action close-up, matching with realistic special effect scenes and full of lighting and tears, show a very creative shooting process, let the audiences expectations of the film soar. Each shot of the thrilling explosion scene and hot magma in the special episode can set off the delicate emotion of the confluence of the Tianhuo family at the top of the crisis. Kunling said that he and Wang Xueqi had accumulated extremely valuable experience and played an important guiding role in later creation. Many years ago, Li Wentao, Li Xiaomeng and his daughter were estranged by the volcano crisis. Now they are facing the same dilemma again. They open their hearts and work together to rescue, which plays an essential role in promoting the emotional sublimation of the whole story.

Wang Xueqi turns into desperate Sanlang Thriller

As the first volcano theme visual adventure action masterpiece in Chinese, Skyfire takes five years to prepare for incubation, and two years to shoot and post produce. A large number of action plays have extremely high requirements on the physical quality of actors. In order to meet the shooting requirements, Wang Xueqi, the old actor, even though he was injured by a fall, had to insist on finishing the shooting. Although there were many dangers in the blasting play, Wang Xueqi still kept improving under the protection of the professional production team to complete all the difficult actions. For many years, I still try my best to present the lens to a perfect state with the attitude of learning. The professionalism is worth learning for young actors. Wang Xueqis smooth action, precise expression and emotional collision with other actors in the special show of this exposure can feel the awe of the creators of the film even when shooting indoor scenes built on green screens.

As a pathfinder of heavy industry films in China, Skyfire not only has a unique theme type, hard core and shocking spectacle effect, but also has a strong cast and top behind the scenes team. The film is directed by Simon West, an internationally renowned director, starring Wang Xueqi and Kun Ling, and joined by Dou Xiao, Jason Isaac, Baian, Ma Xinmo, Ji Lingchen, etc.

Fire will be released on December 12.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)