Bribery case of a senior executive of Hengtai group, a local real estate enterprise in Anhui Province

 Bribery case of a senior executive of Hengtai group, a local real estate enterprise in Anhui Province

Five years later, in 2010, Xu Changjin found Anhui Hengtai Ren who was in charge of Aquilias development at that time. He was the president of Anhui Hengtai when he gave testimony on the case. According to Rens testimony, in order to thank Xu Changjin for his help in submitting for approval the land for Aquilia project, Ren asked Ma Jing (Xus wife) to buy a house of about 116 square meters at the original price.

In fact, there are two points worth noting. One is that Xu Changjin bought the house in 2010 according to the house price in 2005. Obviously, the house price in 2010 is higher than that in 2005, which is also the source of price difference bribery. The second is that the area of the property is larger than the area previously reserved. According to the evaluation of Anhui Jianying real estate and land evaluation brokerage Co., Ltd., the market price of the real estate purchased by Xu Changjin in 2010 is RMB 366800, and the purchase price is more than 160000 yuan lower than the market price.

The reason why Anhui Hengtai sells houses at a low price is very obvious. According to the testimony of the president, in consideration of Xu Changjins help in the project approval, and Xu Changjin is the leader of the land department, he will continue to communicate with Xu in business in the future. Therefore, the commercial housing with the area of 116.52m2 in the second phase of the community will be sold to Xu Changjin and Ma Jingfu at the price of 202000 yuan on January 6, 2010 Woman, after the commercial housing registration in the name of Ma Jing.

The court of first instance, referring to the fact of bribery, held that it was in consideration of Xu Changjins leadership of the Provincial Department of land and resources that the company sold 116.52 u33a1 commercial housing to two defendants at a price significantly lower than the market price of 202000 yuan, which constituted bribery. The above facts were also included in the fact part of Xu Changjins bribery alone by the court of second instance. The case was adjudicated by the second instance of Anhui Xuancheng middle court in August this year.

In this case, Ren is also the core party who decided to let Xu Changjin buy the house at the original price, so who is Ren?

From the time line of this case, Xu Changjin was under surveillance in April 2017. When the prosecution entered the stage of evidence collection around 2017, the senior executive Ren, who was the president of Anhui Hengtai at that time, may be the one in this case. According to the information on the official website of Anhui Hengtai group, at present the president of the group is Ren Xiaolu, and the general manager of Anhui Hengtai is also Ren Xiaolu. According to public information, Ren Xiaolu received an award as president of Anhui Hengtai group in 2016. From the official website information, Ren Xiaolus position in the group should be second only to that of Cheng Hong and his wife.

Anhui Hengtai group is one of the top real estate enterprises in Anhui Province. Last year, its sales reached 22.03 billion yuan, an increase of 115.77% year on year. According to the groups official website, Anhui Hengtai group has ranked among the top four top 100 real estate enterprises in terms of sales growth in 2018, ranking 98th among the top 100 real estate enterprises in 2018 and 73rd among the top 100 real estate enterprises in terms of sales area in 2018.

As of the press release of China net financial center, Anhui Hengtai did not reply to the reporters written questions, and the reporter of China net financial center will continue to pay attention.

Source: Wang Xiaowu NF, financial editor of Chinanet