The real estate enterprise has a lot of hidden dangers: Aida real estate and its owners are in a long-term war of safeguarding rights

 The real estate enterprise has a lot of hidden dangers: Aida real estate and its owners are in a long-term war of safeguarding rights

Compared with the mystery of IDA real estate, the companys employees are also unusual. On the afternoon of November 13, a reporter from China finance and economics center called the official website of the company. After the reporter identified himself, a male receptionist of the company announced to the reporter that he could hang up immediately without accepting any media interview on behalf of the company. The reporter from China finance and Economics Center could not ask for many questions from the company.

Worries about delivery of real estate

From the end of January this year, there has been a continuous war between IDA real estate and its owners.

On November 13, the owner of a building delivered by IDA real estate at the beginning of this year told the reporter of China net financial center that there was another accident at home. The so-called accident refers to the fact that some owners found that the gas pipeline in their kitchen was not equipped with fixed angle iron when preparing for the opening of the gas hydrant, which led to the failure of the gas company to connect the gas. The owner questioned why IDA real estate did not strictly check and accept the house at the time of delivery?

The sequelae of Aida real estates house handover continues to this day. This summer, a short video burst the network. The underground garage pipe in a residential area broke and leaked. According to the owner, this garage is the real estate garage that IDA real estate just delivered this year. A number of owners told China net financial center reporters that this summer, the garage in the community often accumulated water, and the building surface had long hair and mildew. Around the quality problem of IDA real estate delivery, the owners and the so-called King Hassi dispute constantly.

At the end of January this year, IDA real estate informed the owners to close the house, and the owners immediately found many problems. In an inspection video with the presence of owners, developers and regulatory authorities, one owner even used cigarettes to directly test whether the smoke alarm was sensitive, and the video showed that the alarm installed on the roof was useless, which embarrassed the relevant personnel of IDA real estate. What also discontented these owners was the serious discrepancy between the unit door and the publicity at that time, from the two doors in the publicity to the one in the reality.

As a result, the war between Aida real estate and the owners broke out completely, and the owners clearly required Aida real estate to make a thorough rectification and compensate for the liquidated damages before that. Finally, IDA real estate withdrew the delivery notice and agreed to postpone the delivery until after the Spring Festival to change the door, rectify and compensate for the liquidated damages. A person who has been engaged in real estate sales in the local area for a long time told China net financial center that the owners rights protection was indeed rare in the history of Harbin real estate, and the notice of delivery and withdrawal of extension also made IDA real estate humble in the real estate circle, it is said that when Zhang Jinshui, the boss of tianida real estate, also went to the scene, no one paid for the owner.

After the Spring Festival this year, Aida real estate will finally deliver two properties, Aida Jiuxi and Aida 88, to the owners. After the house was closed, the owners troubles came again.

Many owners of Aida Jiuxi, after finishing decorating their new houses, suddenly found that the sewer pipe was blocked and dirty water overflowed. When finding out the cause, the owner found that the water pipe was filled with various wire skins. The owner suspected that this was caused by the construction personnel plugging the wire skins into the water pipe when stealing the wire. However, IDA real estate did not have a clear statement.

A real estate district always thinks that the company may have a lot of deficiencies in the fine engineering management. He gave an example, for example, the construction personnel will have internal emergency in the construction process. In order to avoid the smell of smell when the owner finishes the house, they will add some simple temporary fecal devices in the construction building, or regularly clean up, if the construction party does not have this idea, then the developers with high refinement level will put forward requirements.. A number of IDA real estate owners reported to China net financial center that when they visited the real estate under construction, they could find all kinds of excrement in their houses under construction.

How difficult is the future of IDA real estate

The chairman of Aida real estate is Zhang Jinshui. According to public information, he was once a subordinate of Yan Liyan, the sugar king of Guangxi, who was in charge of legal affairs. Yan Liyan was a mysterious rich man in the domestic capital market more than ten years ago. At present, Yan Liyan is still the vice chairman of Aida real estate. In 2002, Yan Liyan led Aida real estate to enter the real estate market of Harbin. The Aijian new town built by him is an earlier comprehensive real estate project in Harbin. However, starting from Yan Liyans three reprisals and five reprisals by the court for illegal loan issuance in 2011, Aida real estate was silent in Harbin real estate market after developing Aijian new town until 2016.

Since 2016, Aida real estate has successively opened several real estate projects in Harbin Hexi New Area. In the first phase, it launched two real estate projects, Aida 88 and Aida Jiuxi. Since then, four projects including Aida Zunyu, Aida No. 1, Aida Shengjin and Aida Jingpin have been launched successively. These real estate projects are all concentrated in the area of Harbin Hexi New Area, and the situation of dense land acquisition can be seen.

The above-mentioned local real estate salesperson told China net financial center that Aida real estate has a very good land location. For example, Aida No.1 project is the largest one in the area close to the subway exit, Aida Jiuxi is close to the core area of Hasi and separated from the railway line by a Evergrande building, while several other buildings are close to Hasi high-speed railway station.

However, from the perspective of soil storage, IDA real estates new upstart soil storage may be seriously insufficient. In addition to the above-mentioned several opened properties, IDA real estate currently has only one property project located in the New District of Hasi that has been publicized.

According to the above developers, similar to local Mini real estate enterprises such as IDA real estate, the shortage of land storage will lead to the interruption of contract sales revenue, while the simultaneous commencement of projects in a short period of time will make its capital chain tight, so it can only fast pre-sale, fast delivery and fast turnover. It seems that the operation method of quick drying and quick closing makes the disputes between Aida real estate and the owners about the quality of the real estate continue. According to the above developers, Aida real estate, a local real estate enterprise, may have the problem of serious lack of experience in controlling the real estate. Once multiple projects are started at the same time, it is difficult to avoid the concentrated outbreak of problems.

According to the reporter from China net finance and Economics Center, two buildings, Aida 88 and Aida Jiuxi, launched by Aida real estate for the first time, took over two site fires in 2017 and 2018. Fortunately, no casualties were reported at the site.

According to the above people, the future problem faced by IDA real estate is how to carry out the layout outside the province and within the customs. In addition to Harbin, there is a serious phenomenon of population outflow in other cities in Heilongjiang Province. The quality of real estate development and the reputation of enterprises are the important basis for the expansion of such small real estate enterprises. The local government certainly does not want to give the plot to a developer who repeatedly has quality problems. The difficulty of Aida real estates going out to hook the land in the future can be imagined..

A reporter from China net financial center couldnt interview IDA real estate. A male receptionist at the company said by phone that he could not accept any media interview on behalf of the company.

China net financial center reporter will continue to pay attention.

Source: Wang Xiaowu NF, financial editor of Chinanet