New trend! The layout idea of the second phase of the national big fund for the chip of the plus code memory is exposed

 New trend! The layout idea of the second phase of the national big fund for the chip of the plus code memory is exposed

Jiangbolong electronic official website introduces that the company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has set up subsidiaries or offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Taipei, San Jose, London and Tokyo, mainly engaged in the technical research, development and sales of storage products. At present, jiangbolong electronics has laid out the storage application market in an all-round way. It has two storage brands, Lexar (high-end consumer storage brand) and foresee (embedded storage brand), which is deeply involved in industry applications.

Establishment of the second phase of the grand fund

At the same time, the second phase of the big fund is also registered and established in the near future. According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, on October 22, the state integrated circuit industry investment fund phase II Co., Ltd. was officially registered and established in Beijing Administration for Industry and commerce, with a registered capital of 204.15 billion yuan.

The second phase of the fund is supported by various funds including the Ministry of finance, China tobacco, three major operators and integrated circuit industry investment companies. In terms of shareholder contribution, the Ministry of finance of the peoples Republic of China has contributed 22.5 billion yuan, accounting for 11.02%, China tobacco has subscribed 15 billion yuan, and the three major operators have jointly contributed 12.5 billion yuan.

Compared with the first phase of the large fund, the second phase of the large fund has greatly improved in terms of quantity and raised amount. The sources of funds include state organs and departments, state-level funds, background funds of local governments, central enterprise funds, private enterprise funds and other investment funds.

In addition, the three major operators are also actively involved. According to the institutional analysis, the participation of the three major operators may be expected to speed up the domestic substitution of integrated circuits upstream of the communication network.

Key distribution direction of large funds in the future

At the semiconductor integrated circuit parts summit before this, NSFC revealed the three key layout of the future investment of NSFC:

First, we need to support leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and improve their ability to form lines. The first phase of the fund mainly completes the industrial layout, and the second phase of the fund will maintain high-intensity continuous support for the enterprises already arranged in the fields of etcher, film equipment, testing equipment and cleaning equipment, so as to promote the leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and form a series of complete set of equipment products. Accelerate the investment layout of core equipment such as lithography machine, chemical mechanical grinding equipment and key parts to ensure the safety of the industrial chain.

Second, industrial agglomeration, group development and group going to sea. Promote the establishment of exclusive integrated circuit equipment Industrial Park, attract equipment parts enterprises to invest in the establishment of R & D center or industrialization base, realize the aggregation of industrial resources and talents, strengthen the upstream and downstream communication, improve the supporting capacity of R & D and industrialization, and form a joint force of industrial agglomeration. We will actively promote the integration and reorganization of resources at home and abroad, and expand key enterprises.

Third, continue to promote the downstream application of domestic equipment materials. Give full play to the advantages of the fund in the whole industrial chain layout, continue to promote the coordination of equipment and IC manufacturing, sealing and testing enterprises, strengthen the upstream and downstream integration between the enterprises invested by the fund, accelerate the process of equipment from verification to bulk purchase, and strive for more market opportunities for local equipment and material enterprises.

Individual shares or benefits in the industrial chain

In the investment projects of the first phase of the large fund, the semiconductor manufacturing industry accounts for 67%, including SMIC, Changjiang storage, etc.; the design industry accounts for 17%, including huiding technology, Zhaoyi innovation, ZTE microelectronics, etc.; the sealing test accounts for 10%, including Changdian technology, Huatian Technology, Tongfu microelectronics, etc.; the equipment and materials account for only 6%, including Huachuang, SMIC semiconductor, Anji technology, etc Jacques technology, etc.

In terms of investment projects, the first phase of big fund focuses on semiconductor manufacturing and design industry, and the second phase of big fund will pay more attention to the downstream application end, hoping to drive the development of semiconductor industry through the downstream industry chain. The application end represents the most real and cutting-edge market demand, which can effectively lead the development direction of upstream supply capacity in cultivating and guiding industries. The second phase of the large fund focuses on the investment in terminal application industries such as artificial intelligence, 5g, Internet of things, etc.

According to Shengang securities, the second phase of the big fund raised 204.15 billion yuan, which is expected to drive over 700 billion yuan of local and social funds, and a total of trillion yuan to boost the development of integrated circuit industry. We are optimistic about the development of domestic semiconductor industry for a long time. We suggest that we pay attention to the leading enterprises of semiconductor equipment and materials, such as Zhongwei semiconductor, NANDA photoelectric, Jingrui Co., Ltd., Qiangli new material, Zhonghuan Co., Ltd.

The first Securities pointed out that the second phase of the big fund focuses on the layout of key sub sectors, escorts the safety of the industrial chain, strengthens the backbone enterprises, promotes the linkage of the industrial chain, and promotes the domestic substitution. It is suggested to pay attention to the key equipment and materials and key parts backbone enterprises in the semiconductor industry chain.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Times: Yang bin_nf4368