Afternoon review: Shanghai stock index rebounded 0.03percent and E-sports led the two cities

 Afternoon review: Shanghai stock index rebounded 0.03percent and E-sports led the two cities

Peripheral situation: the three major U.S. stock indexes basically closed flat, Cisco fell more than 7%. By the end of the day, the S & P 500 was up 0.08% to 3096.63, the Dow was down 0.01% to 27781.96, and the Nasdaq was down 0.04% to 8479.02. Technology stocks were mixed, with apple down 0.69%, Cisco down more than 7%, Naifei up 2.3%, amd up more than 2.2%, Boeing up more than 1.3% and micron technology up about 1.1%. Most of Chinas stocks fell, with Xunlei down over 18%, Weibo down 17.7%, Weilai auto, cheetah mobile and Huya down over 7%, and iqiyi down nearly 6%.

Message surface: 1, zero breakthrough! Chinas new anti-cancer drugs have been approved for listing in the United States; 2. The Ministry of Commerce: China and the United States are in-depth discussions on the elimination of tariff increases; 3. The General Administration of Customs: lifting the import restrictions on poultry meat in the United States; 4. Alibaba: it plans to sell Hong Kong IPO shares with a per share price of no more than 188 Hong Kong dollars; 5. The Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail IPO has been held, setting the fastest IPO review record.

Shenguang financial view: this morning, the Shanghai Stock Index bottomed out and rebounded, the index fell slightly, E-sports led the two cities, Shengtian network and other four stocks, rare earth permanent magnet concept rose strongly, led the two cities, Dehong shares, steel plate performance was relatively strong, Baotou Steel shares led the rise, beer concept rose slightly, Chongqing beer led the rise, aquaculture industry fell sharply, led the two cities, Tianshan health Material led the decline, with the decline of high-speed transmission in the first place, and the decline of gas and water, digital currency, scenic spot tourism and other sectors in the first place. At present, the environment of the stock market is not good, so it is difficult to have a big market, so we try to choose high-quality individual stock band operation as the main, we must not blindly pursue the high, at present, the stock market callback is basically at the bottom, we can appropriately increase the position.

According to Jufeng investment advisors, the structural characteristics of the market are being strengthened, big blue chips have become a scarce product in the market, and the market turns to defense after the third quarterly report. Under the influence of the expansion of foreign investment, the funds from the northern part of Shanghai stock exchange actively entered the market, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 rose to a new high within the year and then fell back. Last Friday, under the stimulation of intensive good news, the two cities opened higher and left lower, and the blue chip market driven by foreign investment came to an end. This week, the market continued to shrink and adjust, with the Shanghai index pulling around 2900 points, leading the market to continue to perform structural market. According to the markets recent capital trends, it is suggested to pay attention to the technology stocks and pharmaceutical consumption blue chip stocks that are in place in the near future.

Source: editor in charge of Finance and economics of Netease: Yang qian_nf4425