The solo tribute of Gao Xiaosong, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Xianhua in the pianist on the sea

 The solo tribute of Gao Xiaosong, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Xianhua in the pianist on the sea

Netease Entertainment reported on November 15 that the movie piano player at sea officially landed in the National Theater on November 15 today, with a special star monologue tribute video released. Gao Xiaosong, Huang Xiaoming, Liu Xianhua, Tan Zhuo and Cai Wenjing reappear the classic scenes of the film, perform the lines that once touched the global audience, and welcome the film to the mainland for the first time with all audiences. Directed by famous director Giuseppe Tornatore, this life must be seen. After 21 years, it finally met with domestic fans. The movie, which has been restored by 4K technology, is rejuvenated, bringing unprecedented audio-visual shock. 1900s life story of never getting off the ship triggered the collective memories of countless netizens, and also reaped the deep resonance of people for sticking to their spiritual home.

After 21 years of legendary return, palace level works first appeared on the mainland screen

After its release in Italy in 1998, piano player on the sea made a sensation all over the world, winning 22 awards such as the American Golden Globe Award. Since then, the character 1900 has been famous in the history of film. The film also established an indelible classic position in the eyes of Chinese fans. It scored 9.2 points in Douban, the authoritative film review website in China, ranked 15th in the top 250 list of Douban, and the number of people participating in the evaluation reached 930000, of which more than 630000 people gave five stars.

On November 9 and 10 last week, the film held a nationwide leading spot screening, ranking first in attendance, leading other new works in the whole November schedule, obtaining 430000 audiences expectation index of want to see for the movie with taopiao tickets, 999 + comments, a rare high score of 9.6 points, and no less than the classic legendary monument.

After 21 years, this immortal film finally came to China for the first time. For those fans who have been deeply moved by the story, they can finally get the incomparable experience of watching movies on the big screen and savor every fascinating plot. For those who have not yet seen it, they can experience the charm of palace level works for the first time.

4K restored into a feast for fans, perfect audio-visual experience unparalleled

Under the limitation of the preservation of the old film, the fans had to accept the high paste version for a time. The version repaired by 4K technology adopts advanced digital technology, which greatly improves the resolution, and restores the image and sound worn for many years to the image and sound captured in that year. Every tiny detail is perfectly presented, and the light and shadow levels change delicately and beautifully. At the same time, the restoration restores the original color of the film, adjusts the color saturation to the most suitable level for screen viewing, and perfectly retains the film texture that the digital film does not have. Both the quality of painting and the sense of film give the audience a sense of immersive experience. In the flowing piano melody and the sound of dancing with the sea, they can experience the most extreme romance of the film.

After the movie was shown ahead of schedule in China, many audiences said that the movie viewing experience in the cinema was too good: douqin is really wonderful, and the audio-visual effect in the cinema is even more shocking! Perfect! Its totally different on the big screen. 1900s magicians play the piano perfectly. Its really wonderful.

1900 never get off the ship and become a legend of film history

The whole movie of piano player at sea revolves around a legend that fans are infatuated with up to now - 1900 never disembarked from the ship in his whole life. In the face of the thousands of temptations of the world of flowers, he was unmoved, and only regarded the sea and music as his eternal spiritual home. For the life philosophy contained in this story, the audiences collective feeling is: you can understand it only when you grow up. After years of reviewing on the big screen, I finally understand. Tonatore did not believe in the American dream, but he believed in the dream, so he wrapped the loneliness and pessimism of orphans with the color of romantic legend. The yearning of the heart to hear the sound of the sea is a pure land that will not be lost.

With the growth of life experience, the audience increasingly understood 1900s choice of pursuing freedom and dreams: everyone has a Virginia in their heart, in that world, we can stand aloof from the rest of the world. The city of steel forest is like a big ship. We are afraid of that uncertainty, but also to protect their spiritual home A piano, the whole world, ten fingers flip, playing life.

The 4K restored version of the piano master at sea will be released today.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)