Early comments: Shanghai index slightly opened 0.05percent higher, leading the decline in voice technology sector

 Early comments: Shanghai index slightly opened 0.05percent higher, leading the decline in voice technology sector

Zhongyuan Securities: after fully digesting the recent macro data, market expansion and surrounding market turbulence and other negative factors, the A-share market bottomed out on Thursday driven by the software technology sector, and the Shanghai index continued to rally around 2900 all day. At present, investors need to wait patiently for the regulators to continue to introduce measures to boost the economy, the latest results of the Sino US trade negotiations, and whether the surrounding market can stabilize and recover. At present, the A-share index has a strong ability to resist the negative factors. It is expected that there will be little room for the index to continue to decline in the future. It is a better choice to wait for the arrival of the time point of change. It is suggested that investors continue to pay attention to the changes of policy, capital and external factors.

Shanxi Securities: looking forward to the future, in recent days, the market is still a rebound rather than a reversal, only a partial market of some sectors, and its sustainability is questionable. In this position, the winning rate of the hot spot of the game is relatively low, and investors are still recommended to stick to the certainty plate. In terms of sectors, large infrastructure, large fund phase II, aquaculture, glass, etc. with high certainty are recommended. After the market warms up, the opportunity of trend strategy will come again. But at the moment, its a better choice to lay out opportunities on the left and hold shares to be raised.

China Merchants Securities: looking forward to 2020, copper has the most potential to increase prices. Base metal stocks are generally at the bottom of history, especially copper fundamentals continue to improve. Once the mood eases and the pressure is released, the price is expected to be stronger than the surrounding areas. If there is no obvious macro repair, the A-share strength brought by capital market will increase the differentiation between metals. Focus on sectors and companies that are basically oriented to good and profitable recovery.

Shenguang finance and Economics: dont chase high for the time being. Some stocks that can rise in a weak environment are very bright, which also attracts the attention of many investors in the market, and the impulse to catch up is always there. We believe that the short-term activity of some mid cap stocks is mainly driven by MSCIs capital to increase its weight, but this configuration will not continue all the time, so we need to be alert to the risk of catching up with hot individual stocks. For those in the core asset ranks, the recent poor performance of the segmentation of leading stocks, there is no need to worry about the short term. In the medium and long term, the logic of core asset hot spot rotation will not change. We should try to avoid blind stock exchange in a weak situation, let the mentality settle down a little bit, and wait for the window to open before making an evaluation may be a more stable choice.