Li Xiaolu wrote that she had thought about suicide before being threatened before the video was exposed

 Li Xiaolu wrote that she had thought about suicide before being threatened before the video was exposed

Li Xiaolu said, the first day of these videos on the Internet, someone called me and said, what do you do if we get your pictures? I didnt pay attention. What I didnt pay attention to was that after the video was shot the next day, the whole network was boiling under the provocation of carefully designed waves... As for the criticism from netizens later, she said: I also have many shortcomings and shortcomings I just hope that those who have prejudice against me or have any purpose can see me in two objective ways. Dont use the feudal societys harsh standards for women, and use the most obscene words to scold people Because I have not offended any of you!

The full text is as follows:

Every girl will conceive fairy tale dreams for herself from the moment she remembers. With the growth of age, step by step from naive to reality, it is not necessarily a fairy tale in a dream.

Nuclear fission is caused by forces other than itself The merits and demerits of everything are not as simple as they seem from the beginning to the end

In the winter of 2018, Im deeply impressed. The endless abuse and insults on the Internet instantly turned me into a target. It seems that I fell into the Nile and was immediately attacked by groups of piranhas. Only the skeleton is left In the dark, I remember that when I was 9 years old, Changchun Film Studio invited me to make a film stay in the village to see, which was about a county Party Secretary going deep into the mountain village to help out of poverty. I acted as the daughter of the county Party secretary. This film has won many domestic film awards. At that time, my father asked for leave to accompany me to the location, which is a real poor mountain village. All the way, I arrived at night. Our father and daughter are on the way of not being able to become a road, and they are led by the drama troupe to a peasant household where we live. As he knocked on the door, the old wooden door opened slowly. In the bleak moonlight, I saw the man who opened the door... For a moment, I was stunned: a face that had been through all the vicissitudes of life and was extremely twisted showed in front of me... In the cold of early winter at this moment, a hoarse voice broke the silence in the white breath rising from the mans mouth: enter the room quickly ... In a flash, I understood that he would be our landlord for some time to come. I held my fathers waist in trembling hands, followed the staggering steps of the curving grandfather in front of me, and walked into the room prepared for us. This is a adobe house. The room is not big and the light is dim. But what makes me relax is that the Kang, which covers four fifths of the ground, is warm and warm. The two sets of bedding on the Kang are not thick. With the heat, it emits a light soap fragrance... There is hot water in the thermos bottle. You are tired. Lets have a rest as soon as you burn your feet.... Grandpas simple farewell words made me feel so harmonious with the warm cottage... This night, I slept heavily in strange dreams

Its very hard to make the movie with the theme. With my fathers encouragement, I kept on doing it day by day. What I want to say is the things that happened in these days: the toilet in the yard is a shed made of reed, with a deep pit in the middle. There are several boards nailed on the wooden frame, squatting on it when going to the toilet. The distance between the boards is very large, and it can be seen that the landlord set it for his own loop leg. But Im in difficulty. I have to pull back my lunge to squat on it. Its terrible to face the cesspit below After the first day of work, I hurried to go to the toilet and walked into the reed shed in fear. Suddenly, I saw that there were more boards on the pit, and the pit was covered tightly. The space in the middle was just suitable for me to squat down... At that time, I came back from work every day cold and tired, extremely tired, but after entering our hut, it was as warm as spring The hot Kang always burns well in advance. On the charcoal fire left at the mouth of the stove, it warms a big iron pot of hot water... Because of the young sleepiness, the first morning missed the group breakfast of the camera crew... But the next morning, there was a bowl of congee covered with heat preservation sticks and dregs on the stove, and there were several cooked eggs in the side plate. This treatment continued until the day we left

The master is afraid that his face will frighten me again. He seldom meets us, but at night he can hear the cough when he burns Kang and firewood for us at the stove mouth... His family is too poor, and there are only a few chickens in the poor pigsty

Before we left, my father and I left him all the money we had left and the supplies we could use. This is also the origin of my public welfare in a few years. Grandpa was so moved that he took me and Dad out of the village all the time... After that, I knew that he had been alone all his life

More than 20 years have passed. At this moment, I miss the kindness and simplicity of that old man. Today, however, there are so-called dignified people who take the most modern equipment and steal my whereabouts by tracking and stealing photos. I remember clearly: on the first day of these videos on the Internet, someone called me and said, we have captured your things, what do you think? I didnt pay attention. What I didnt pay attention to was that: after the video was sent out the next day, the whole network was boiling with a wave of well-designed incitement... These poachers used to sacrifice me to prompt posterity and obtain illegal benefits from the other end to achieve the goal... The picture I showed in front of me was: after the wolf captured the prey, its time for the Jackal to get on... Some people who beg for food through the Internet Using their brains, developing their skills, making up reasoning, comic stories, pronouns, and taking advantage of the opportunity... Their rations are available, but I am pushed to the last edge of life

I feel deeply: behind me, there is a huge and unfathomable network of interests, challenging the human rights and laws of the country!

Im not perfect. Im just an ordinary woman among millions of women. Im an ordinary literary worker among hundreds of millions of laborers. I carefully annotated every role I played, and brought joy and inspiration to the audience. I also have a lot of shortcomings and shortcomings. Confucius said, its impossible for a man to be a saint.. I just hope that those who have prejudices against me or have any purpose can see me in two objective ways. Dont scold people with the most obscene words according to the feudal societys harsh standards for women! Do not use illegal means to steal other peoples privacy for profit and harm! Because you dont know the truth of the matter and the situation of the parties! Because other peoples family affairs have nothing to do with you! Because I didnt hurt any of you! Because you also have sisters and mothers!

The winter of 2018 is cold. How many times have I stood in front of the window of a high-rise house and looked out of the window at the blue sky in the distance, thinking: if I blend into the world from here, maybe everything will be relieved But in the dark, my daughter rushed to my side, hugged my leg tightly with her tender hand, and called for my mother one by one. In an instant, I woke up, hugged my tearful daughter, and cried: baby, mom will never leave you...

I dont want to say what I have experienced and what kind of life I have. Please dont make up any more. Dont hurt my family and friends and everyone involved. And its a mothers lifetime responsibility to inspire me to stand up now. I hope my daughter can grow up healthy and happy like all children.

Winter is coming again, I long for the warm sunshine, and I also look forward to the spring of flowers and pistils

Zhuo Wei wrote in a circle of friends, saying that he never secretly photographed Li Xiaolu and demanded high money. He said that he and his team had never received a penny from Li Xiaolu. We didnt call her, but she sent people all over the world to find us. Zhuoweis circle of friends mainly states two points: 1. Never call Li Xiaolu; 2. Never receive a penny from Li Xiaolu or his relatives and friends.