Witness of Gao Yunxiang case: Wang Jing and the victim are like lovers, they enjoy it very much

 Witness of Gao Yunxiang case: Wang Jing and the victim are like lovers, they enjoy it very much

Netease Entertainment reported on November 15 local time on November 15, Gao Yunxiang, a Chinese film star, and Wang Jing, a producer, were charged with sexually assaulting a Chinese woman in a room of the Shangri La Hotel in Sydney on March 15, 2018, entering the last day of the third week of the trial.

Today (November 15) is the 14th day of the trial, after a day of suspension on Thursday (November 14). Although at the beginning of the trial, the judge had said that he expected the trial process to be three weeks, it still seems that the trial can not be concluded today. At the end of the trial, the jury will decide whether Gao Yunxiang and Wang Jing are guilty.

Today, the three witnesses in court are all women. At that time, they were all in karaoke rooms. They all claimed that Wang Jing and the woman were kissing like lovers at that time, and another witness directly described the two people as tongue kissing.

The witness claimed to see the kiss of the tongue between the woman and Wang Jing

Todays third witness is Asian but not Chinese. The court heard that she worked in business after graduation last year. On March 26 last year, she was invited to karaoke for a party. It was her first time to see Gao Yunxiang.

In response to a question from Gaos lawyer, the witness said that when he left at about 1:30 a.m., he saw the woman and Wang Jing sitting close and hugging and kissing, and Wang Jing putting her arm on her shoulder.

In response to Lawyer Wang Jings question, the witness further described the two as French kiss and they enjoyed kissing.

When the lawyer asked the witness if she saw the womans face, she replied, naturally. When the lawyer questioned whether the woman turned away at that time, the witness said no, and also said that he did not hear the womans refusal.

Gao Yunxiangs makeup artist refers to his favorite powder

The second witness in court today is Gao Yunxiangs makeup artist. She is a Chinese resident. She came to Sydney to testify in the case.

The court heard that she had known Gao Yunxiang in the past as a makeup artist of the drama group and as the leading actor, and became Gao Yunxiangs personal makeup artist since April 2016. During the shooting of love in Anaya, she followed Gao Yunxiang all day and made up for him at any time.

Asked about Gaos interaction with others, the makeup artist said: its very polite. Hes very friendly to everyone, especially the staff.

The makeup artist also said that Gao Yunxiang was very good to the fans, once the fans came to visit the class, brother Xiang was responsible for entertaining them, but some fans came later, so the time would be longer. Brother Xiang was worried about their safety, and would let people arrange to send them home.

Wang Jing and women are accused of kissing like lovers

The court heard that the makeup artist also went to karaoke that night. At the end of the party, she said, she saw Wang Jing kissing a woman. They look very much like lovers. When Wang Jings lawyer asked what kind of kiss it was, the makeup artist replied, normal couples kiss.

The lawyer asked how long the kiss lasted, the makeup artist said he didnt pay attention, and the prosecutor objected to the question.

The court heard that the makeup artist was looking at the mobile phone at that time, so he didnt look at the two all the time. The lawyer asked, are they in the face?? Mouth to mouth? Just for a while, or for a long time? She responded, I just took a look, but I felt like it was a long time, because I felt like they were sitting together.

The makeup artist said he didnt watch it for about two seconds because he felt embarrassed and embarrassed. She also said that after the kiss, the womans expression looked normal, and the woman did not push away Wang Jing during the kiss, adding that they are really like lovers. I feel like Im an adult woman, and I feel like theyre normal couples

Whether the witness can see Wang Jings kissing with a woman is questioned

Todays first witness in court is Ms. Wang, Gao Yunxiangs agent. The prosecution continues to cross examine her. The prosecutor asked Ms. Wang when she was asked to recall what happened in the karaoke room and what she saw at that time. The witness replied last year when the lawyer interviewed her, but she didnt remember the exact time. When the prosecutor asked her if she could remember the second half of the year, she was silent for about five seconds, with an uncertain answer.

The prosecutor then asked Ms. Wang if the karaoke room surveillance screen shown in court on Wednesday was the first time she had seen it. Ms. Wang replied that the first time she saw the videos was when she came to Australia several weeks ago.

The prosecutor asked her if Gao Yunxiang hugged another woman in the karaoke room. The agent denied, but said that although everyone stayed in the karaoke room for several hours, she left midway, so the two were not always in her sight.

The prosecutor asked Ms. Wang, do you feel embarrassed when you see Wang Jing kissing a woman like a couple? One thing, she replied, is that even a couple can feel uncomfortable kissing in public.

When the prosecutor asked, do you still stare when you feel uncomfortable? Ms. Wang said yes.

Do you remember how the kiss started? the prosecutor asked? Do you remember Mr. Wangs movements? They were kissing when I watched, Ms. Wang said But she also said she didnt see how the two started kissing.

The prosecutor then asked the witness, in the meantime, when you see Wang Jing and the woman together, is Wang Jing right to draw the woman closer? The witness replied, no

When the prosecutor claims, you cant tell from where you were sitting, can you? The witness replied, I can see it clearly.

The following is the court record:


Today, there are many people in the court to hear the case.

The reporter noticed in the court that Wang Jingfang, the defendant, had a large number of relatives and friends to attend the court.

The prosecution (hereinafter referred to as the prosecution) continues to cross examine the defense witness (hereinafter referred to as the witness) (Gao Yunxiangs former broker).

Do you remember this Wednesday that you said you didnt receive a police text message

Zheng: yes.

Check: in January this year, did you use an Apple phone?

Zheng: yes.

Do you know what IMessage is

Syndrome: yes.

Do you still use that cell phone?

Card: I changed one.

Do you know that IMessage is sent by traffic, not by operators

I dont know much about SMS

Did you receive a text message in January this year?

I havent noticed. I dont have the habit of using SMS. We use wechat to communicate

Check: if other people have the habit of using SMS and send you sms, will you check it?

Card: no, I dont use SMS very often.

When was the first time that someone asked you to recall what happened in KTV?

Witness: when the lawyer interviewed me.

How long ago

Card: last year.

What month last year?

I dont remember that much

Is it the second half of last year

Syndrome: not sure.

When you talk to a lawyer, have you ever seen KTV video for you?


The trial continued.

You saw some videos in court on Wednesday, didnt you

Syndrome: right.

Thats not the first time you saw that video, is it?

Syndrome: right.

When was the first time you watched the video?

When I came this time

In the past few weeks or months?

Zheng: a few weeks.

Check: this video is to help you remember the situation, right?

Zheng: right.

You said on Wednesday that you were sitting under the video Timeline 03, the leftmost side of the screen, right?

Zheng: right.

You could see Gao and Siqi Li, right?

Syndrome: right.

Did you interact with siqili that night?

Card: yes.

When did you first see siqili

Card: this shooting.

Do you get along with her?

Zheng: I get along well.

You know Siqi Li is Mr. Wangs assistant, right

Zheng: yes.

You also know that siqili and Mr. Gao are very good, right?

Zheng: yes.

In KTV, siqili hugged Mr. Gao, right

Card: No.

Sometimes you cant see them at KTV, can you?

No, I can see it.

You spent hours in KTV, didnt you?

Syndrome: right.

Check: at any time in these hours, at least one of them is in your sight without interruption?

I went out in the middle

Did you drink that night?

Zheng: I drank wine at the celebration banquet, and drink in KTV.

How much did you drink at the celebration

Certificate: two glasses of red wine.

Do you feel embarrassed when you see the woman kissing Mr. Wang?

Card: one thing, I think even a couple, kissing in public will make others uncomfortable.

It will make you feel uncomfortable, right?

Syndrome: right.

Especially you know these two are married, right?

I dont know

You dont feel at ease. You wont be staring at them all the time, will you?

Syndrome: right.

Youll avoid them, wont you?

Zheng: right.

Do you remember how they started kissing? Do you remember what Mr. Wang did when you sat here today?

When I saw them, they had already started to hold and kiss

Do you see how to start?

Card: No.

From the place where you were sitting, you cant see whether Wang Jing pulled the female client, can you?

Card: no, I can see clearly.

From your point of view, you cant see whether Wang Jing drew the female client closer to him, can you?

Card: I can.

What is your economic relationship with Mr. Gao? Youre on commission, arent you?

Certificate: monthly salary.


Gao Yunxiangs defense lawyer (hereinafter referred to as defense) summons a new witness to appear in court (Gao Yunxiangs former makeup artist).

Have you ever used an English name

Card: Niko.

Argument: you are a Chinese resident, arent you?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: you came to Australia to testify, didnt you?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: what is the current occupation?

Card: makeup artist.

Argument: in April 2016, you became Gao Yunxiangs full-time makeup artist, right?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: you have been his personal dresser until the end of March 2018?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: before 2016, you have known Gao Yunxiang for one year?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: in November 2017, love of Anaya started shooting in China, right?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: in different places in China?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: it took four months to shoot in China, didnt it?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: in four months, there are only two days off, right?

Zheng: I remember that I had a rest for 2 days during the new year.

Argument: in the whole four months, do you work with Mr. Gao?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: during the shooting, you often see Mr. Gao all day, right?

Zheng: yes, because I want to follow him all the way and make up at any time.

Argument: that is to say, you spend a lot of time with him and see him every day, right?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: I saw him interact with other people, right?

Zheng: yes.

Can you describe Mr. Gaos interaction with others

Card: very polite, very friendly to everyone, especially to the staff.

Debate: you can see his interaction with fans, right?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: can you describe it?

Card: I remember one time when fans came to visit the class, brother Xiang was responsible for inviting them to eat and drink, but some fans came later. Brother Xiang was worried about their safety. Brother Xiang specially asked the assistant to drive them home.

Argument: assistant refers to Mr. Gaos personal male assistant, isnt it?

Zheng: yes.

What is it like to work with Mr. Gao?

Zheng: very happy, not too much pressure, because he is a very easy to get along with.

Argument: you and Mr. Gao took off to Australia on March 22, 2018, right?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: who did you come with?

Card: Lin Jiang (personal assistant), Liwei Wang (agent), Ross (English Guide), because there are English sentences in Xiangges lines, we need guidance.

Argument: after getting off the plane, did you go to Shangri La Hotel?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: does Gao and his team live in this hotel?

Zheng: yes.


Debate: when is the end of the shooting?

Syndrome: March 26.

Debate: there was a celebration dinner that evening, wasnt there?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: did you take part?

Card: yes.

Debate: what else did Gaos team participate in?

Zheng: Liwei Wang, Lin Jiang, me.

Argument: Ross didnt go, did he?

Card: did not go.

Debate: have you gone to another place after the dinner?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: where have you been?

Certificate: KTV.

Argument: what time did you go?

Its about 9:30

Argument: what time did you leave?

Syndrome: 2 am.

During the shooting, did you see an Asian woman who was an Australian producer?

Zheng: didnt introduce her to me as an Australian producer.

Debate: did anyone introduce her name to you?

Card: no one.

Debate: at the end of KTV, do you know who Wang Jing is?

Syndrome: yes.

Debate: at the end of KTV, where did you see Mr. Wang sitting?

Zheng: he sits on the far left of the sofa.

Argument: its next to the KTV console, right?

Zheng: yes.

(the defense side shows a picture drawn by the witness. At that time, the location map of everyone sitting in the KTV room)

Debate: at the end of KTV, did you notice the situation of Wang Jing and her client?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: what do you see?

Zheng: I see them kissing. At the end of the day, they are very like lovers.

Debate: did you watch them for a long time?

Zheng: not long.

Debate: what were you doing then?

Card: Im brushing my cell phone.

Argument: after you came to Australia last week, I showed you a video of their kissing, right?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: at that time, the timeline in the video was 1:54am, right?

Zheng: yes.


Wang Jings defense lawyer (hereinafter referred to as defense) continued to cross examine the witness.

You say they kiss like lovers, what kind of kiss is that?

Zheng: kissing between normal couples.

In your opinion, how long have they kissed?

Card: I looked at them one time, no longer looked at them.

Debate: whats the part of the kiss?

Syndrome: mouth to mouth.

Debate: just for a while or longer?

Zheng: I only looked at it for about 2 seconds.

Debate: why do you see other places?

Card: because I am embarrassed to stare all the time.

After the kiss, did you see the womans face?

Card: yes.

Debate: what was her expression then?

Zheng: very normal.

Debate: did you see the woman trying to push Wang Jing away?

Zheng: no, they are really like lovers. As an adult female, I can tell whether they are willing or not. (against by the prosecution)

Did you see the woman trying to avoid Mr. Wang

Card: No.

Debate: where were their arms then?

Zheng: I didnt pay much attention.

Argument: did you notice that the woman talked to Gao?

Zheng: notice that she came to take a photo with brother Xiang.

Debate: one or more photos?

Card: lots of photos.

Debate: who took it?

Zheng: there are Lin Jiangs and her self portraits.

Debate: did she praise Mr. Gao?

Card: yes.

Argument: what did she say?

Witness: you are handsome, I am not good-looking, I will continue to take photos with you tomorrow.


Debate: did you take more photos the next day?

Zheng: I didnt notice the next day.

Debate: did you notice that the female client gave a gift to Gao?

Card: she wanted to give a gift to brother Xiang, but brother Xiang didnt accept it.

Argument: what gift?

Zheng: its a local instrument in Australia. Its very long.

Debate: do you remember what Mr. Gao said to the woman and then refused the gift?

Card: its not easy to take things on the plane.

Argument: you are loyal to Mr. Gao, arent you?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: when Gao was arrested, you opened the door, didnt you?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: were you working then?

Zheng: yes.

Ill make him up that day, wont I?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: have you seen KTV video?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: how long ago?

Zheng: recently.

Argument: although your surname is Gao, you are not a relative of Gao Yunxiang, are you?

Zheng: No.

Argument: on the night of KTV, Wang Jing pulled the female client and let her close, right?

I didnt see it


Lawyer Gao Yunxiang, the defendant, called a new witness to cross examine her.

The woman, with straight hair and white and blue striped gown, appeared in court via video and answered in English throughout.

Debate: on March 24, 2018, were you invited to a social event?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: you knew Wang Jing then, didnt you?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: you know Terry, right?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: and Siqi Li, right?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: two days later, you were invited to KTV, right?

Zheng: yes.

You didnt take part in the shooting, did you?

Card: No.

Debate: you are invited as a friend, arent you?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: on March 26, did you know Gao Yunxiang for the first time?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: at the beginning of KTV, you were a little embarrassed, didnt know everyone?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: you sit opposite Gao Yunxiang, right?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: how far are you from Gao Yunxiang and the female client?

Zheng: about 1 or 2 meters.

Argument: you got in and out of the room that night, didnt you?

Zheng: right.

Argument: the woman didnt sing that night, did she?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: you gave your testimony last year, didnt you?

Zheng: right.

Argument: you saw the KTV video that night, right?

Zheng: right.

Argument: you mentioned in your testimony that you have observed Wang Jing and the female client, right?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: 15 minutes before you left KTV, did you notice what happened to Wang Jing and her client?

They sit very close, hug and kiss each other

Debate: did you notice Wang Jings arm movement?

Card: in embrace, put on the lady.

Debate: where was the position of the womans head at that time?

Zheng: no attention.

Debate: do you see them talking to each other?

Zheng: yes.

Argument: describe the dialogue scene.

Zheng: they are very close face to face.

Debate: when they kiss, do you notice that there are other people watching?

Card: No.

Debate: do you have any communication with Wang Jing after that?

Card: No.

Argument: did you leave KTV after that?

I dont remember

Debate: when they kiss, do you notice that there are other people watching?

Card: No.

Debate: do you have any communication with Wang Jing after that?

Card: No.

Argument: did you leave KTV after that?

I dont remember


Lawyer Wang Jing of the defendant continued to cross examine the witness.

Argument: after KTV, did you get on the business car?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: did you go to Shangri La Hotel?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: who are you with?

Zheng: Wang Jing, Siqi Li, the female client and another girl I dont know.

Argument: did you hear what the woman said?

The woman asked me, can I get a taxi that late? I said, you can call Uber. Siqi told the woman she could take her home.

Argument: how to deliver?

Card: use business car.

Argument: the woman got off at the hotel, didnt she?

Zheng: yes.

Debate: what did you see when she got off?

I saw her get off

Debate: did Wang Jing ask you anything at that time?

He asked me if I would like to go upstairs for a drink, and I refused.

Argument: have you seen what Wang Jing and her client have done?

I saw them walking to the hotel together

Debate: how long did the business car wait at the door of the hotel?

Zheng: I have been waiting for a long time, more than 15 minutes.

Argument: what did siqili do?

Zheng: after she sent some people to the hotel, she went back to the bus.

She asked us why Wang Jing and her client were still outside the hotel.

Zheng: at that time, we had suggested to the female client many times, we can send her back or call her Uber , but she refused.

Argument: can you see the woman client then?

Zheng: she is at the gate of the lobby with Wang.

Debate: can you describe the kissing situation between Wang Jing and her client in KTV at that time? (against by the prosecution)

Argument: can you see the expression of the woman after the kiss?

Zheng: very normal.

Debate: have you ever seen her push the king away?

Card: No.

Argument: did you turn around?

Card: No.

Argument: did you tell the king, no?

Card: No.


The prosecution cross examined the witness.

Who invited you to KTV

Syndrome: Gino.

When you arrived at the hotel, you said you saw the woman with Wang Jing, right?

Zheng: yes.

Did you see Wang Jing snatch her bag?

Zheng: I didnt see it.

Have you been watching them since they got off?

Card: No.

In KTV, did you see the woman try to get up and walk out of the room?

Card: No.

Have you ever seen the woman throw Wang Jings hand away from her?

Card: No.

You describe the kiss between them as a French kiss, right?

Zheng: yes.

Do you feel shy or embarrassed

Zheng: yes.

Have you been staring?

Zheng: I quickly looked away, but I sat opposite them, it was difficult to avoid completely.

Do you think Wang Jing and the woman are embracing?

Zheng: yes.

Can I say you pay more attention to their faces than their bodies

No, I see the whole picture

Did you see Wang Jing bring the woman closer, right?

Zheng: I didnt see it.

Probably he pulled it, but you didnt see it, did you? (high counsel against)

When Wang and the woman are kissing, you are not looking at them most of the time, are you?

Yes, I didnt stare at them

The prosecution and the defence concluded their cross examination of the witness.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao, nk5655