The man was sentenced to 10 months for stealing 1.4 yuan from 4 urns

 The man was sentenced to 10 months for stealing 1.4 yuan from 4 urns

The man was sentenced to 10 months for stealing cardboard and taking 4 urns for 1.4 yuan

In August this year, a bizarre theft happened in Bixi street of Changshu City. Zhang, the thief, stole a familys urn. On November 12, Changshu peoples court decided on the first trial of Zhang Mous suspected case of intentional destruction of ashes, and Zhang Mou, the defendant, was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment.

On the morning of August 5 this year, the defendant Zhang Mou drove a tricycle to the east of Luojiaba bridge, Bixi street of our city. He stole four urns and some cardboard that Wu Mou, the victim, had put on the side of the road. Then he went to the garbage dump of Xidongcai market, Bixi Street, and randomly discarded the ashes in the garbage can, and sold the cardboard wrapped in the urns for 1 yuan and 40 yuan. Bixi police station of the Municipal Public Security Bureau dispatched six police officers, and finally found four stolen urns in the waste recycling station of Bixi street. Zhangs behavior led to the destruction of ashes and caused great mental damage to Wus family. According to the public prosecution, the defendant, Zhang Mou, who intentionally destroyed the ashes, should be investigated for criminal responsibility for the crime of intentionally destroying the ashes.

Tang Mujun, chief judge of the criminal trial division of Changshu City Peoples court, introduced that the defendant found the urn and ashes in the process of stealing property. Because he was afraid of destroying and discarding them, he didnt intentionally steal the ashes with malicious intention, so he considered one of his subjective malice, one of the quantities of discarded ashes, which caused an irreparable impact. Therefore, after the trial decision, the court sentenced Zhang Mou, the defendant, to 10 months imprisonment.

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