Case reversal: brother killed 2-month-old baby girl? Birth mother 3-child died 2-child

 Case reversal: brother killed 2-month-old baby girl? Birth mother 3-child died 2-child

It is reported that when a 25-year-old woman surnamed Yao woke up at about 11 a.m. on the 14th, she found that the baby girl sleeping alone in the cradle had no breath and heartbeat, which scared her to call 119 immediately to send the baby girl to the hospital for rescue. Yaos face was sad in the ambulance, and she kept wiping away tears. Her 2-year-old brother looked at her sister in a dazed way.

After the news of the baby girls death was exposed, it was once reported that the baby girl was suspected of suffocating, crushed to death by her 2-year-old brother, etc. After investigation, the police found that the baby girl was sleeping alone in the cradle, and her face did not turn black when she was sent to the hospital, and there was no obvious injury on her body. Therefore, the cause of death could not be determined initially, but the accident of brother crushing sister was ruled out. At present, the case has been reported to the prosecutor and the forensic for examination. The details of the incident and the cause of death still need to be re examined.

Its worth noting that the 25-year-old baby girl has three children. Three years ago, the eldest brother was suspected of heart disease and died at the age of seven months. This time, the eldest brother died. Yao is a full-time mother. Her husband is two years older than her. She works as a part-time worker. Is it because of her lack of skills and experience in childcare that her children die one after another, or is there any other secret? The island police are making every effort to investigate the case, which needs to be further clarified.

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