Precautions for Sri Lankas embassy in Sri Lanka to attend the presidential election

 Precautions for Sri Lankas embassy in Sri Lanka to attend the presidential election

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka released a notice on Thursday, reminding Chinese citizens to pay attention to the following matters:

1. As Sri Lankas presidential election is about to come (November 16), Sri Lankas immigration bureau has strengthened the examination and verification of foreign citizens ETA visa (e-tourism visa) applications, and the examination time has been extended. It is recommended that tourists from Sri Lanka successfully apply for ETA visa online before entering the country, and then come back to Sri Lanka, and may be refused to apply after arriving in Sri Lanka.

2. If you want to work in Sri Lanka, you should know the specific salary, working and living conditions of working in Sri Lanka in advance, do not listen to the media exaggerating the propaganda, and obtain the work permit approval of Sri Lanka Immigration Bureau and apply for an entry visa at Sri Lanka Embassy and consulate in China. Foreigners who work in Sri Lanka with ETA visa violate Sri Lankas immigration policy. Once they are found or reported, they will face the consequences of being fined or even arrested and repatriated by local authorities.

3. During the presidential election in Sri Lanka, there were more political gatherings. It is suggested that Chinese citizens in Sri Lanka should avoid onlooking and pay attention to personal and property safety.

4. Sri Lanka has a large amount of rainfall in recent years, and the number of cases of dengue fever has increased. Please pay attention to prevent dengue fever and take necessary epidemic prevention measures. In case of fever, fever and other uncomfortable symptoms, do not take chances, please see a doctor in time. (CCTV reporter Gao Zhan)

Source: responsible editor of CCTV: Du Shuo, nb12556