Village cadres leave early from the liquor Bureau and die when they have sex with female colleagues

 Village cadres leave early from the liquor Bureau and die when they have sex with female colleagues

Report of Rucheng Public Security Bureau on Zhus death on November 7

On November 7, the wechat official number of Rucheng Public Security Bureau Rucheng public security issued a Police Information Circular on this matter. According to the report, at about 23:00 on November 3, the Chengguan police station of Rucheng County Public Security Bureau received a report from the residents that Zhu, his father-in-law, had died. After receiving the police, the police rushed to Xinjing village, Luyang town to send out the police. Through the public security organs inspection of the scene, investigation and understanding of the testimony of relevant witnesses, and access to relevant video monitoring data, the nature of the death of the deceased excludes homicide, and the relevant situation is still under further investigation.

Officials in Rucheng said Zhu Jun, Secretary of the Party committee of Luyang Town, Zhu Mou, acting director of Xinjing village, and many village cadres from neighboring villages participated in the Bureau on November 3. About 40 minutes after the start of the liquor store, Zhu proposed to deal with private matters and left the venue halfway. Meanwhile, Zhu doesnt drink much.

According to the official, after preliminary investigation, Zhu had sexual relations with a female cadre in the village in his companys office after leaving the Wine Bureau, during which Zhu suffered physical discomfort and died of ineffective rescue.

In view of the fact that the liquor bureau also had the participation of the county leaders on the night of the incident, the above-mentioned officials responded that, according to the current investigation, no county leaders were involved in the liquor Bureau. At present, the supervision committee of Rucheng County Discipline Inspection Commission has intervened in the investigation of the officials involved in the wine bureau that night.

Community employees are reported by female subordinates to have sex with two people for many times

A street cadre in Longgang District of Shenzhen city was reported to have been unfaithful in marriage by his subordinates. Two of them were in the relationship of superiors and subordinates. During the intercourse, they had sex for many times, and the man promised to marry the woman.