Beijing plans to ban P2P network loan operation organization in an all-round way

 Beijing plans to ban P2P network loan operation organization in an all-round way

Beijing News quick news according to the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association, the Beijing mutual fund association noted that the article exclusive heavyweight: its said that Beijing plans to ban all P2P online lending platforms has been issued to the law enforcement agencies under its jurisdiction, which said: Beijing zhengyongniang has completely banned the regional P2P online lending operation agencies, and the relevant implementation programs have been implemented in its territory This article has been reprinted by many network media.

Beijing mutual fund association solemnly states: up to now, the association has not received relevant instructions, and all the rectification work of Internet financial industry is steadily advancing according to the deployment and arrangement of the leading group office of Internet financial risk special rectification and the leading group office of Internet loan risk special rectification. Beijing mutual fund association hereby solemnly cautions that any unit and individual must release relevant information of Internet lending intermediary information institutions in accordance with the law, strictly abide by the network order, do not rumor, do not spread rumor, do not believe rumor, and jointly create a clean and upright network space.

The Beijing Mutual Fund Association said it strongly condemned the industrial and social risks caused by self media rumors. In addition, for the serious social consequences caused by this, the Association reserves the right to investigate the responsible party through legal channels, and the responsible party will bear corresponding legal liabilities.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Li Chao, nb12814