China joint office strongly condemns mobs for attacking innocent citizens and killing them: inhuman

 China joint office strongly condemns mobs for attacking innocent citizens and killing them: inhuman

The head of the Liaison Office of the Central Peoples Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region issued a statement on November 15, expressing deep condolences to an innocent citizen who had been attacked by rioters and died of invalid rescue, and severely condemning the crazy attacks of extremists.

On the afternoon of November 13, outside Sheung Shui square, a group of mobs in black attacked the citizens cleaning up the roadblocks. During the attack, they smashed a 70 year old food and environmental health department contracted cleaning worker with hard objects, causing him to fall on his back on the spot, seriously injured his head, and died on the evening of November 14 after invalid treatment by the hospital. This kind of anti human indiscriminate violence against human life is dehumanizing and unnatural. The person in charge said that the joint office of China expressed deep condolences to the dead and condolences to their families, expressed great indignation and severe condemnation of this kind of insane violence, firmly supported the SAR government and the Hong Kong Police, severely punished according to law, and demonstrated the justice of the rule of law.

The person in charge pointed out that in recent days, violent crimes in Hong Kong have escalated in an all-round way, and thugs have frequently adopted terrorist means that ignore human life and human nature, seriously threatening the lives and property safety of Hong Kong citizens, leaving Hong Kong in a situation of personal danger, black terror enveloped the city. The bloody facts tell us that Hong Kong can no longer be in such a mess, otherwise every citizen will face a serious threat. All Hong Kong citizens must resolutely cut their seats from violence to jointly uphold the rule of law and social stability.

Recently, more and more people have stood up bravely to clean up the roadblocks, protect the elderly and children passing by, and cheer on the police on duty. Their actions reflect the desire of Hong Kong people to say goodbye to fear and restore peace. The Hong Kong China joint office pays tribute to these ordinary citizens and hopes that more people who love Hong Kong can come out and say no to violence with practical actions, demonstrating the strong positive energy of restoring social order.

Source: responsible editor of CCTV: Du Shuo, nb12556