Ma Yun runs in three African countries a day: young African people like themselves 20 years ago

 Ma Yun runs in three African countries a day: young African people like themselves 20 years ago

At the digital economy summit in Nigeria, Ma Yun shared his proposal to establish four es in Africa (source: surging News)

Surging news trainee reporter Wu Yuxin

On November 14, surging journalists learned from Alibaba that at the invitation of the presidents of Ukraine, Nigeria, Togo and Ghana, on November 14, local time, Ma Yun ran three African countries a day to communicate with young people.

On the morning of the same day, Ma Yunxian attended the local digital economy summit in Nigeria. Ma said that he would promote the inclusive development of the digital economy in Africa.

I have tried to go to Silicon Valley for financing, but I have run into difficulties again and again. No one believes that Chinas Internet will develop, no one believes in Chinas e-commerce, because we dont have credit cards and logistics, but we believe that, although we didnt have them at that time, we can build them. If China has everything, what else should we do? I am used to being rejected. I will not easily reject others. To give others an opportunity is to give myself an opportunity. I can understand the negation of others. This is the job I choose.

In Jack Mas eyes, unlike Europe, which worries everywhere, Africa is full of hope, because Africa is not worried about anything but wants the future. The government should make sure that young entrepreneurs become heroes, because they are heroes. Ma Yun said.

At the digital economy summit, Ma Yun shared four suggestions for establishing e in Africa: first, empowering and supporting entrepreneurs; second, e-Infrastructure, which enables everyone to access the Internet, use mobile phones, buy, sell, pay and deliver anywhere; third, e-government, which enables the government to be transparent and transparent Efficiency; finally, the most important education is e-education.

In Togo, Ma Yun said: people like me didnt have money at the beginning, not rich second generation, nothing, I didnt know technology, never went to business school, it doesnt matter. If we succeed, 80% of the worlds young people can succeed. Seeing you is like seeing myself 20 years ago, Ma said to the young entrepreneurs at the scene

It is understood that after the end of Togos journey, Ma Yun set out for Ghana again. The first 10 entrepreneurs selected by Ma Yun Africa youth entrepreneurship fund will be challenged by Ma Yun judges in Ghana.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of surging news