Shopping malls around supercell return to rarity

 Shopping malls around supercell return to rarity

The coolest neighborhood in the mall is the princess of our royal War series! This tomboy in the royal family, wearing a crown, armor, and a bow and stride, goes through everything! The handmade work is full of texture, and each detail is vividly presented with meticulous strokes, as if the heroic and good at war princess is alive in front of us.

Green flying dragon baby

How can the surrounding less popular role flying dragon baby! This green flying dragon baby in the Royal war has a cute big face, fleshy claws and small wings. Its very cute. Look at its standing posture in the air, it seems to be about to jump into your arms!

Tribal conflict series

Statue of the archer queen

The brave queen of bows and arrows is an indispensable fighting partner in tribal conflicts! This statue of the queen perfectly shows the heroism of the queen. The overall workmanship is very fine, the Queens eyes are sharp as eagles, brave and brave, as if she is always in the best state of fighting.

Statue of the king of Barbarians (Gold Limited Edition)

The gold mine in the village started working all night and finally made this golden statue! u2014u2014Tribal conflict: the golden limited edition of the statue of the king of barbarians, limited to 1000 in the world. This time, the limited number of Jingdong shopping mall is 100. Each statue has an independent handwritten number. This is a symbol of tribal hero, representing the highest glory of the tribe, fighting and striving! In addition, there is the same golden limited version of archer statue in tribal conflict in the mall, which is also glittering and very noble.

Class series

Giant hands

Although the arms giant in the game is slow in response, it has a very high defense ability. The simple and lovely image is deeply loved by the players. Giants 360 u00b0 three-dimensional modeling makes itself more lifelike and full, broad shoulders, full of security!

By boar Knight (limited edition of the year of the pig)

Following the pace of the Chinese New Year of the pig, supercell launched a collection of boar riders around the year of the pig at the beginning of this year. Lanterns tied to hammers, red ribbons attached to wild boars and firecrackers all reflect the new year of the pig.

In addition, the ordinary boar knight in the class series manual mall was also launched at the same time. As the IP shared by tribal conflict and royal war, the unique class art infuses the soul into the characters and makes the series the work of faith in the players hearts.

The series of strange soldiers on the island

Heavy machine gunner

As the vanguard force in the battle, the strong body of heavy machine gunners has always been in front of the troops to protect the wind and rain. The heavy machine gunners hand work is exquisite, and the muscle lines are presented one by one. The machine gun in hand and the ammunition on the shoulder are very vivid with meticulous carving.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned handcrafts, there are also handcrafts in the mall, such as the rocket gunner and the doctor of terror of the island Wizard and the mini pickup of the Royal war, which are popular with the players, for limited sales. The single price ranges from 188 yuan to 999 yuan. The price is affordable. Are you excited as the fans around?

In July this year, supercells official shopping mall quietly went offline. Many Chinese players who love the surrounding areas are very sorry. Three months later, supercell and Jingdong prepared a wave of surprises for the players. The official stores around China opened, and the first batch of products brought the golden limited edition of the statue of the king of barbarians, the limited edition of the year of pigs by the boar knight and other rare hand-made editions, which is enough to see Attention to Chinese players. Although there are not many kinds of peripheral products online due to logistics reasons, supercell will definitely bring more high-quality and rare peripheral products in the future, and will also customize more brand-new and unique peripheral products for players! Coming soon!

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