A dream of the river and the lake

 A dream of the river and the lake

As a strategic partner, this one dream of the Jianghu was invited to participate in the 2019 Xitang Hanfu culture week, and went to the national style feast together with young Xia. During the activity, we brought many wonderful contents, such as exclusive opening square, Xitang cruise, garden activities, singing and dancing performances, etc. to open a grand event full of ancient national style in the beautiful Jiangnan Water Town Xitang.

Special garden tour to receive beautiful surroundings

In Xitang ancient town, one dream of the Jianghu has set up four theme stalls to participate in the interaction of stalls. You can exchange all kinds of exquisite and lovely surrounding areas with different seals. Fun games test the operation skills of players, two-way development of hands and brain, to see who is better at it.

Exclusive opening square school theme Han element appears

A dream of the Jianghu exclusive Jianghu square array appeared at the opening ceremony. The clothing derived from Han elements of the school has its own advantages. Which one do you pick, the dignified Taiyin, the grand Wudang, the beautiful Yunmeng, the soulful Huashan, the handsome fragrance, the playful sea and the lovely Shaolin?

Classical dance small heavy mountain surprises the scene of night of Hanfu

In the performance of Hanfu night, Ziyan was invited to perform xiaochongshan with classical dance, which was full of ancient charm and beauty. The dancers were light and immortal, and won a lot of screams and cheers.

Funny punch card show your Jianghu

A dream of the Jianghu also prepared many props and scenes, so that players can take pictures in different ways, leaving the unique memory of the Jianghu. In the scenic area, there are two young heroes who are passionate about a dream of the Jianghu, wandering around and waiting for the arrival of the people who are destined to come. Many players come to take interactive photos to break the dimension wall.

The super large punch wall and a variety of unique photo frames in the Jianghu are online to unlock the most show gesture. (pay attention to Netease great God @ Yimeng Jianghu mobile game to get exclusive news and benefits.)