Dark hand tour appeared in the 3A masterpiece of Blizzard Carnival

 Dark hand tour appeared in the 3A masterpiece of Blizzard Carnival

Explore new areas and take new risks

A new adventure from Watson will lead players through dungeons and dark forests, and experience the unique fun of mobile terminal in familiar scenes and characters: go with friends anytime, anywhere, explore the underground city, collect loot, and enjoy the pleasure of hand combat!

Real time dynamic light and shadow, presenting 3A special effects on mobile phone

The demon hunter officially joined the battle, and the on-site trial ignited the upsurge

As a symbolic occupation of the series of Diablo, the popularity of demon hunters has always been high. At this blizzard carnival, the demon hunter also made his debut in Diablo: immortality for the first time, and provided a live trial for the players to ignite the upsurge of the players.

Live trial of the devil hunter, fresh and happy battle experience

As with end game, players will experience the typical game of demon hunters on their mobile phones: release hatred on monsters, bombard enemies while defeating them with strategy, tie and pass through enemies with bold swing rope, and then flush the battlefield with the rain of revenge!

Powerful power skill, submerge the enemy with arrow rain

Intensive cultivation and elaboration, the shelter of mobile travel will be opened soon

Diablo: immortality is undergoing a series of evolutions with the joint efforts of transnational teams. The brand-new skill mechanism and effect are more suitable for the fierce battle between mobile phones; the powerful ultimate skill magic power skill based on the attack of each profession, when faced with a group of monsters or powerful boss, brings the players a new challenge strategy.

Familiar dark forest, start a new epic adventure

The new story from Watson opened the prologue of the epic in the palm. The new guild system will become a new link between players, and the large replicas explored by multiple players will also meet with players. As you can imagine, Diablo: immortality many wonderful content, will bring more surprises to the players!

Starting epic in the palm from Watson

Blizzard products must be high-quality products.. The two transnational teams precipitated and polished together to bring a more perfect 3A level game experience to Diablo: immortality. The rally horn of sanctuary is about to blow, waiting for each player to write a dark epic in his hand. Make an appointment now and wait for the start of the legend.

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