Expose that Milan will clean 3 people for signing Ibrahimovic! Provide 4 million euro annual salary + sign for 2 years

 Expose that Milan will clean 3 people for signing Ibrahimovic! Provide 4 million euro annual salary + sign for 2 years

I dont know what Ibrahimovic is going to do at the moment, hes a great player, I dont know where hes going, but he wants to end his career in Italy, said Los Angeles Galaxy manager Giovanni sheloto. Maybe he will go to AC Milan or Napoli. Coach Ancelotti has worked with Ibrahimovic and they know each other very well. Ibrahimovic has the characteristics needed by Napoli

AC Milan also want to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the winter to strengthen their attacking power, the Gazzetta dello Sport reported. Its important to know that Ibrahimovic has played 53 times since he joined LA Galaxy, scored 52 goals and assisted 17 times, and is still in excellent competitive condition. However, Milan are short of decisive figures in the front line position. This season, the whole team only scored 11 goals in 12 Serie A matches.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, AC Milan are ready to clean up three players, Borini, Casey and Rodriguez, during the winter transfer period, so as to make room for the teams salary and earn about 60 million euros (including the saved salary). Milan are willing to offer Ibrahimovic an annual salary of 4 million euros and sign him for two years. Such an offer is very attractive to Ibrahimovic.

While former Milan player Nocerino also supports Ibrahimovics return to the Rossoneri, if he is as healthy as Ibrahimovic, then age is just a number. Two years ago, when Ibrahimovic suffered a serious knee ligament injury, people thought he was going to retire, but I had different opinions at that time, and now it seems that he is still in good condition. Ibrahimovic wants to be the protagonist and the decisive factor, and Milan need someone to stand up and take responsibility, but no one in the team is going to do so now. Ibrahimovic can inspire his teammates to improve. If you do 100, he will let you do 300, so he set an example to do 2000. If you cant get used to it, youll go crazy. If you dont pay attention and play hard enough, hell push you.

In addition to Milan and Napoli, Fiorentina, Bologna and other Serie A teams are also interested in Ibrahimovic. However, Atalanta, who has also been linked with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has denied signing him. Ibrahimovic is a very good player, but we cant afford it, said Atlanta President percasi. We dont earn as much as big clubs do, and we are still poor, despite our miraculous Champions League qualification

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