Despair! Lippi at least 10 times by the whole collapse, lift the table hit the dressing room are not relieved, the national foot is not saved!?

 Despair! Lippi at least 10 times by the whole collapse, lift the table hit the dressing room are not relieved, the national foot is not saved!?

After two and a half minutes of the conference, Lippi left without waiting for translation or media. At this time, the time just passed 1 minute 32 seconds.

At the moment when he stepped down, Lippi deliberately supported the display board of the release hall to ensure that he could leave smoothly. Two seconds later, the accident happened again. Lippi slipped his right foot and fell off the stage. Fortunately, he held the wall with his right hand, otherwise

Now I declare my official resignation. This is the last sentence of translation, and also Lippis final speech as the national football manager.

At the moment, more than three years have passed since the first speech of the Italians, 1112 days to be exact.

From three years ago full of expectations, to todays face, the Italian still lost to Chinese football.

Longing for

I had contact with Mr. Cai Zhenhua before, but I had a contract with Evergrande at that time. After I returned to Italy, I kept thinking about China and finally had the opportunity to cooperate again..

On October 28, 2016 in Beijing, the Chinese Football Association welcomed Marcelo Lippi, the former world cup champion coach, the biggest national football coach in history.

Under the cordial invitation of the football association and the support of Evergrande, the Italian who was going to replace the then Evergrande manager Scolari became the coach of the national football team. In order to reach this agreement, Liu Yongzhu took over the plane in Hong Kong, China. Xu Jiayin and Cai Zhenhua came out at the same time and met with Lippi in Guangzhou. Finally, the three parties reached an agreement with the worlds top salary of 30 million euros before tax, with a contract term up to the Asian Cup 2019.

At the conference, Cai Zhenhua sent a signal to the outside world: Mr. Lippi did not come because of the contract, but to help Chinese football..

Lippi echoed: we will help Chinese football, I believe that Chinese football will be good, the level of players is not worse than other countries.. According to the new managers inaugural speech, the first thing Lippi brought to the outside world was self-confidence.

Whenever and wherever, in many press conferences, Lippi always stressed that: in Asia, we are no worse than any opponent.

Compared with the former Gao Hongbos argument that there is no weak team in the top 12, we are also the weakest in the eyes of our opponents (Syria). Such a speech shows the Italian peoples confidence in transforming the national football and reshaping its brilliance.

Lippi has his own set of standards for the selection of international players: excellent quality, determination to contribute to the country, and building his own technical and tactical play.

From Kunmings 0-0 draw with Qatar in the first match to Changshas 1-0 sleepless night in South Korea, Lippi really brought players fighting spirit, desire and courage to the extreme.

For example, when Yin Hongbo is depressed, Feng Xiaoting and others will go directly to fight against his rivals and fight for their brothers.

Lippi was worried when the national football team beat South Korea 1-0.

Even in Changsha, Lippi was still worried: I dont want to see the performance of the team in the first half, the players are playing very conservative, fearing hands and feet without any offensive force. Such worry gradually accumulated in the future, and became the cause of crushing the family.

At that time, no one cared too much, because victory always buried some existing problems.


The football association has issued an application for registration to the club, but neither Bremen nor the players agent has given a clear answer. Until today, the players have not returned on time, so I decided not to recruit Zhang Yuning for the national team training.

This is the original words of Lippis interview during Wuhan Training on August 25, 2017. At this time, the national football team has not completely lost the qualification right of Russias World Cup. As the most dependent striker in the world preliminary, Zhang Yuning, who played in Bremen, was late to return to the team, and did not explain the reason. This is undoubtedly a challenge to Lipis authority.

Zhang Yunings last appearance in the national football

The neglect of attitude also became the reason for Lippis dismissal of Zhang Yuning.

However, this kind of killing others to make an example did not receive the result in the later training or competition, but intensified.

They lost 2-0 to Serbia, 4-0 to Colombia, 6-0 to Wales and 4-0 to Czech Republic. From the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, Chinese football players paid Lippi back with several disastrous defeats.

Lippis temper is no longer restrained in the face of events that damage his reputation.

After the first defeat of Wales in the 2018 China Cup, Lippi directly fired at the press conference: I am responsible for the defeat. I chose the wrong player and the wrong start.

Gao Lins mistakes, Feng Xiaotings walk, Yu Dabao and Huang Bowens mediocrity made Lipi lose his face. In the second half, all of them were removed and replaced by Deng Hanwen, Liu Yiming and he Chao.

Back in the dressing room after the game, Pipi barely said a word, just smoked a cigar.

After returning to the hotel, Lippi didnt communicate with anyone. He shut himself in the room and left his coaching team members, such as Maloney and Gaudino, to smoke at the door.

Four days later, the national football team once again proved the gap between itself and European powers with a 1-4 defeat.

Compared with 0-6, the difference is smaller this time, and there are goals. Lippi is in a better mood, but he is still dissatisfied: in the last game, the players lacked a serious attitude towards the game, and they did not want to win the game. Today, our players do this. We need to apologize to the Chinese fans for losing 10 goals in 2 games.

I also hope that the players who play on behalf of the national team can be full of pride and honor, and can fight bravely for the national team to get up for the Jersey. If you cant do these players, the national team doesnt need them

Feng Xiaoting, as a centre back, didnt catch up with his loss of position

Two days later, Feng Xiaoting also responded positively to the walking in China Cup behavior: a screenshot is too one-sided, I worked hard in that game..

At this time, Lippis three-year contract with the national football team has gone through half of the journey, and the issue of renewal has become a topic of concern to the outside world.

However, with Cai Zhenhua fading out of the football association and Du Zhaocai taking office, Lippis renewal has become a mystery.

I will renew my contract with the Chinese mens football team until 2022, with the goal of reaching the Qatar world cup, Lippi said in an interview with the Italian media areanapoli two months before the start of the China Cup. Ive focused on a lot of players for that. I have an optimistic and positive attitude towards Chinese mens football

Lippis contract extension seems unclear after two 10 goal defeats and the new president of the football association is still up in the air. Such a mess was finally settled six months later.

On September 11, 2018, in order to prepare for the upcoming UAE Asian Cup, the national team went to Bahrain to challenge the world ranking lower than its own Bahrain mens football team, but ended up in a white book with its rivals.

Chinas football team flattened Bahrain 0-0

After the game, Lippi revealed his future to the outside world: I want to go home, now my contract with the Chinese Football Association ends on January 31, 2019, at the end of the Asian Cup. After that, we will know the plan, but I think the national football team is my last coaching experience, I may leave China in February.


As long as Chinese players are confident, they can compete with any team in Asia.

Before the game, we knew that the Asian Cup was Lippis last stop. What he passed on to the players and the outside world in the UAE was his idea of three years experience.

In the first game against Kyrgyzstan, a central Asian team, the Chinese football team conceded a goal first. Silver fox was a bit lost, sitting on the bench and staring at the court.

The collapse of Lippi in the Asian Cup group match

With the score of 0-1 into the dressing room, Lippi directly in the dressing room, angry, fortunately, the disciple did not let the master disappointed, with a reversal ushered in a good start.

The second return to the Philippines, Wu Lei Mei opened twice, the team ahead of schedule. At the end of the final match against South Korea, the national football team that saved its strength to play the knockout game lost. Lippi was angry after the match. The reason was not the loss, but the teams courage: although they are very strong, we cant be afraid of them because of this!

Thailand was eliminated from the top 16, the national football team successfully reached the top 8 of the Asian Cup, and Lippi completed KPI.

The rest of the war between China and Iraq was a pressure free one, because Lippi knew he would lose, but he never expected the result: I have no thanks to them tonight There are so many mistakes in important competitions I expected to lose, but I didnt expect to lose in this way.

Midfield returned to the dressing room of Lipi, almost crazy roar, questioning the defense players why they can have such a low-level fault, with the roar, everything in the room can be smashed, can not escape the angry hand of the old manager.

However, when Lippi returned to the court, the outside world could not see that he was crazy like a beast in the dressing room a few minutes ago.

Feng Xiaotings battle with Iran became his top performance in the national team

Feng Xiaotings mistake, Liu Yimings mistake, Shi Kes mistake, the first three central defenders, each with a gift to the teacher who is about to leave the post.

When Shek Ko stopped the ball and Iran pierced the national football gate for the third time, Lippi walked back to the dressing room.

Of course, at the break-up conference, the Italian gave his best wishes to his disciples even though he was unhappy: I hope the players can grow better, and the players have made progress in some aspects. I really want to make this game better, but this defeat is not what I expected

Lippi dream breaking UAE

This breakup took five minutes, twice as long as the second.

After the game, when the whole team took the bus back to the hotel, Lippi shut himself in the room for a while and smoked silently.

Four months later, under the leadership of many parties, Lippi once again joined hands with the national team. No one dared to think of it. Only half a year later, the same drama was staged in the same country again.

At this press conference, Lippi went black all the way and left quickly, leaving the translator to face the media alone: a team should go all out when it comes to the field, and the managers deployment should be carried out. If the players are afraid on the field, without fighting spirit, desire and courage, they cant kick out what I train, this is my managers responsibility.

Out of the stadium, Lippi picked up his cigar as usual and exhaled.

Soon Lippi had dinner with the Chinese international and left five words:

Good luck to you..

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