Lippis resignation caused hot discussion in the football circle: no delivery! No respect for Chinese football

 Lippis resignation caused hot discussion in the football circle: no delivery! No respect for Chinese football

Lippis resignation stunned the on-site media and left before the translation was finished (source: Netease sports)

In the early morning of November 15, Beijing time, after Asia lost 2-1 to Syria in the World Cup qualifier, national football coach Marcello Lippi angrily announced his resignation at the conference, saying the team has no desire and courage.

I made a lot of money in China, but I didnt want to steal it. I resigned. Before the end of the translation, the coach of the worlds highest paid national team with an annual salary of 23 million euros left the press conference, leaving reporters and staff at a loss.

As soon as the news came out, the domestic football circle was shocked. Many people in the circle expressed their opinions through microblog. Everyone obviously had a lot to say about the silver fox of the two in palace.

Its time to quit A generation of famous and handsome people who have lost their aura. The famous sports commentator @ Zhan Jun wrote: there were a lot of doubts during the second entrance . These three years did not bring any improvement to the team. Whats the next step for the national football team? Continue naturalization? Which local coach is suitable? From the East Asia Cup?

Han Qiaosheng asked on Weibo: is the national football dead, but what is the value of the national football? What is the value of the 23 million euro coach? Maybe Lippi cant answer this question, Lippi can only choose to resign in the end!

In the opinion of Chen Yong, a reporter of football newspaper: 1. Lippis criticism of the national football team is too absolute; 2. Resigning voluntarily is like deserting soldiers; 3. Giving up a high salary is quite responsible; 4. Comprehensive analysis, the original lack of sufficient confidence, this mentality collapsed.

Reporter of Tianjin daily sports center @ Shen Wei Mu: I suddenly think its still shameful.

Compared with other peoples Tucao, BTV host Zhang Zhang @BTV Zhang Zhang directly took the data to speak: in ten years, the winning rate of the leuco team was better than that of Camacho, not as good as Gao Hongbo and Perrin, or even better than the acting manager, Fu Bo. So, goodbye, never to see again, there is still a long time to go before the next game, only hope that the main stadium in spring will not be blocked again!

There are different opinions on the reasons for Lippis resignation.

Liu Siyuan, a CCTV reporter and sports commentator, thinks that its not the loss that overwhelms Lippi, its helplessness! Deep weakness!

Lu Yang, a media person, speculated that Lippis resignation was due to the fact that even if he went out of the top 12, he would have no chance..

Reporter Liu Wenchao: is it planned? Or because I dont think I can see the hope, so I give up in advance? In any case, at this time of leaving, can give the outside world the information perhaps only silver fox cherishes own feather? Or maybe the old man has known for a long time that the times are different. So, what about the original efforts of domestication and many supporting conditions? There are too many question marks left for Chinese football on the losing night.

PP sports reporter Sun Rui @ sun Rui Arles: why didnt Lippi bring the East Asia Cup? From being questioned on a large scale at the beginning, to the fact that there is no need to investigate the members of the selection team, to the handling of the starting arrangement, the on-the-spot commanding attitude is not positive enough, and the story of losing and finishing class is staged again. I hope there is no other story behind this.


But what people suspect more is Lippis sincerity.

To this end, sina sports Reporter Yuan Ye @ Song Ci shouted Pi Ye: is there such a thing? How there is no hope, how there is no fighting spirit and no desire. You have no respect for Chinese football. Lets go!

Football Reporter Zeng Xiao @ what happened to Zeng Xiao: gave Lippi too many opportunities, enough. What he has is an extremely loose working environment rarely seen in the history of football, but he responds with arrogance and throws the pot to the players when he leaves.

Lu MI, reporter of football newspaper of Guangzhou pioneer newspaper Co., Ltd. @ codeword No.1 gongmimi: after entering the palace two times, I doubt the sincerity of Chinese football.

Shen Fangjian: can you watch the CSL for a long time? Do you want to see the players in person? Can I play East Asia cup without a team? I dont think the local coach is worse than him at this stage. Lippis past achievements deserve respect and respect. But to the Chinese team that I always love, I dont think he really takes us off

Xu Jiang: the national football team lost the game, and the sadness and joy changed into joy!! Hi Da Pu Ben, no thanks! Please forgive me for being direct! Because you never respect Chinese football! You have never respected the role of Chinas national football manager!

Li Xuan, internal director of football newspaper: Chinese football, its impossible to live such a life!

At the end of the discussion, it seems that there are some strange topics

China Football Association: accept Lippis resignation and restructure the national team of mens football

At 22 oclock on November 14, in the second stage of the 2022 Qatar world cup and 2023 China Asia cup joint qualifier, the national football team lost 1-2 to Syria. At the conference after the game, Lippi announced to resign as the coach of the national team of mens football. The Chinese Football Association officially announced that it accepted Lippis resignation and restructured the national team of mens football.

World preliminaries - Zhang Linpeng sends Wu Long and Wu Lei to launch into Syria 1-2

At 22:00 on November 14, in the second stage (top 40) of the 2022 Qatar world cup and 2023 China Asia cup joint qualifier, the fifth round of away match between Chinese team and Syrian team, the national football team lost 1-2, in the 19th minute, Omari scored the header; in the 29th minute, Wu Lei tied; in the 75th minute, Zhang Linpeng contributed Wulong Dali.