Five dead and three injured in a fire accident in a front room in Bengbu, Anhui Province

 Five dead and three injured in a fire accident in a front room in Bengbu, Anhui Province

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A fire broke out in a front room in Anhui Province, accompanied by a flash explosion: 21 people were rescued and one jumped from the building to escape (source: original)

Beijing News on the morning of November 15, a building near Bengbu Railway Station in Anhui Province caught fire, killing 5 people and injuring 3. The reporter of Beijing News learned from the merchants around the fire building that the fire shop involves many restaurants and hotels. Because the location is near the railway station, most of the consumers of the fire shop are passengers.

A fire broke out in a building near Bengbu Railway Station in Anhui Province. Fire rescue workers were on the scene. Picture provided by interviewee

According to the official website of Anhui emergency management department, at about 6:57 today, a fire broke out in the front room of building 853, Chezhan new village, Huaihe Road, Longzihu District, Bengbu City. After emergency rescue by Bengbu fire brigade, the open fire was put out at 7:50. A total of 25 people were found and rescued at the scene, 8 of whom were sent to the hospital for treatment, 5 of whom died of invalid rescue, 1 was in ICU for rescue, and 2 were slightly injured.

In addition, according to the official website of Anhui provincial emergency management department, the fire building is a multi-storey civil building. There are 5 storeys along the street on the site that have been overheated. There is an open fire spread on the second floor of the building, with an area of about 150 square meters. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation.

Beijing News reporter saw on the map that the above fire building is about 1 km away from Bengbu Railway Station. The video provided by the merchants around the fire building shows that the first and second floors of a building along the street are on fire, smoke is coming up to the sky, and there are fire department rescue workers using water guns to put out the fire. Meanwhile, a man was carried out of the building by firefighters.

About 100 meters away from the fire building, the merchants told the Beijing news that the fire building involved many restaurants and hotels, because the geographical location is close to Bengbu Railway Station, usually the shop customers are mainly the passengers who are about to take the train or just get off the train. Now the fire building is blocked, and the businesses around us will not be affected.

Smoke billows at the scene of a fire near the new Dongan hotel in Bengbu, Anhui Province

On November 15, the official microblog of Bengbu fire rescue detachment announced that the fire broke out in the front room of the new Dongan Hotel and the open fire was put out.