To guard against the risks and hidden dangers of brush your face into the door

 To guard against the risks and hidden dangers of brush your face into the door

Its true that if this teacher is not so true about face painting due to the sensitivity of the legal profession, an iteration of the upgrade of the zoo access control system will soon be passed in a happy way, but the risks and hidden dangers derived from it should be paid attention to and prevented.

From password recognition to chip recognition to face recognition, the rapid development of technology brings convenience and efficiency, but also brings many worries. In the era of digital password, users have the opportunity to report the loss, modify and improve the security level when their information is stolen. In the stage of personal biometric information identification, more and more brush face information recorded in hotels, payment terminals and attendance clocking machines cannot be changed once it is stolen.

To recognize the potential risks of face recognition technology is not to throw cold water on the new technology, but to prevent the future. Previously, an artificial intelligence face changing application had caused a risk dispute due to illegal collection of face information. With the enhancement of peoples awareness of rights protection, it is imperative to weave a protection network of face recognition technology.

In fact, the current legal system of our country has relevant provisions for this kind of personal biometric technology. Whether it is the network security law of the peoples Republic of China that explicitly includes personal biometric information in the scope of personal information and requires the principle of legality, legitimacy and necessity; or the newly added no organization or individual shall infringe others by means of information technology forgery in the draft of the civil code of personality rights (Draft) reviewed by the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress in April this year Portrait right has played a certain role in restricting. But for a series of specific problems in the use, storage, transportation and management of facial information, more operable rules should be set up as soon as possible to solve the regulatory dilemma.

All in all, the essence of technology is to make peoples lives safer and more convenient. Only with the strict protection of the system can people really enjoy the benefits of science and technology. In todays world, new technologies, new formats and new models emerge in an endless stream, which makes people dazzled. Some people inevitably fear and worry about them. To solve this problem, the right way is not to force everyone onto the fast train of technological development, but to improve the comfort and safety of driving first. When the car is fast and stable, why worry about no passengers?

Source: Peoples Daily Overseas Edition Author: Yunzhong ramble editor: Li Yipeng nbjs9851