5g licensing for more than 100 days, more than 1000 users do packages

 5g licensing for more than 100 days, more than 1000 users do packages

Our news (reporter Liang Yue) in June this year, after the Ministry of industry and information technology issued 5g license plate, 5g construction entered a new historical opportunity period. On October 31, three operators, mobile, telecom and Unicom, announced the official opening of 5g business. Nanjing is a 5g commercial city. Up to now, more than 1000 users have applied for 5g packages.

At the end of last month, three operators launched 5g packages, with prices ranging from 128 yuan to 598 yuan. The reporter learned yesterday that in the past ten days, there are more than one thousand users handling 5g package, but compared with the number of 5g mobile phone purchases, this number is insignificant. According to the reporter, up to now, the business hall of China Mobile Nanjing alone has sold more than 10000 5g mobile phones. Users of 5g package are far less than those of 5g mobile phone, because the price of 5g package is more expensive. Wang Feng, who works in Nanjing AsiaInfo technology, said that because 5g signal cant be covered at any time, no new package will be considered for the time being. On Weibo, there is a do you think 5g package is expensive? About 90% of the people voted for expensive.

Fu Liang, an independent Telecom analyst, said that the users who choose 5g package at the initial stage can be divided into two categories: one is the users with large traffic consumption, who can guide them to 5g users, and the other is the groups who like to taste fresh food.

The reporter learned that although the ideal state of receiving 5g signal anytime and anywhere can not be achieved at present, the base station is under rapid construction. Since last year, 5g fixed broadband, 5g indoor base station, 5g scale networking Base station construction has been accelerating, 5g network coverage has begun to see scale. Especially from July to August this year, the number of base stations has doubled, realizing point-to-surface expansion.

It is reported that up to now, Jiangsu Mobile has built nearly 5000 5g base stations, accounting for about 60% of the total 5g base stations in the province. In Nanjing, about 1800 base stations have been built, and some areas of Jianye, Gulou, Qinhuai, Jiangbei, Xianlin and Jiangning have 5g network coverage. In September this year, China Unicom and China Telecom signed a 5g co construction and sharing cooperation agreement. It is expected that by the end of November, all 5g sites of both sides will have the conditions for co construction and sharing.

According to the data of Jiangsu Provincial Communication Administration, the 5g network in the whole province takes independent Networking (SA) as the target structure, adopts non independent Networking (NSA) structure at the initial stage, and focuses on network deployment in Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi. It is planned that by the end of 2019, the number of 5g base stations in the province will reach 10800, and by the end of 2020, it will reach 55000.

5g + application has brought broad imagination space to various industries. At present, the three operators are speeding up the base station construction and terminal promotion while promoting the practical application of 5g in all walks of life. Especially in the application of 5g + power, Nanjing has made an attempt to dare to be the first in the world. In April this year, the worlds first power slice based on the latest 3GPP standard 5gsa network (independent Networking) was tested in Nanjing. On November 12, Nanjing mobile, Nanrui Jibao, ZTE, Dongda and other enterprises, equipment manufacturers and university laboratories launched innovative results of large-scale source network load precise control system based on 5g power grid, and has achieved successful pilot test.

Source: Nanjing daily editor in charge: Li Yigou nbjs9851