South Koreas college entrance examination economy is very popular, and businesses are doing their own tricks to attract customers

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South Koreas college entrance examination economy is very popular, and the merchants show their magic power to attract customers (source: video synthesis)

The 14th is the national college entrance examination day in South Korea. This year, there are 548000 candidates in South Korea. In South Korea, the college entrance examination is a life-long event for students. Relatives and friends will send gifts to express their wishes before the examination. South Korean businesses are also looking forward to the opportunity to launch gifts such as college entrance examination gift boxes and practical college entrance examination supplies to attract candidates and parents.

Glutinous rice cake and maltose are the traditional gifts for the college entrance examination in South Korea. Because the sticky food means that candidates can stick closely with the ideal university, it is one of the main commodities that people give gifts during the college entrance examination in South Korea. This year, many consumers in South Korea began to pay attention to the practicability of college entrance examination gifts. Businesses also launched healthy food gift boxes such as red ginseng to relieve pressure and supplement energy, as well as thermal lunch boxes and cold proof cushions used on the day of the exam, which were welcomed by parents of examinees. In addition, the recent trend of retro consumption in South Korea is also reflected in college entrance examination marketing.

Special correspondent of Finance and economics channel: this large chain bakery in South Korea, where I work, has launched more than 20 kinds of college entrance examination gift boxes with the theme of retro. The bakery specially invited famous Korean illustrators to design the outer packaging. Like this one in my hand, it not only says qualified and praying, but also the owl, which symbolizes wisdom and blessing in South Korea. This one is painted with lucky grass and key, and it also has a good moral. These gift boxes are basically filled with glutinous rice cakes and chocolates, which are full of blessings.

Manager of a bakery in South Korea: before the college entrance examination, the most sold glutinous rice cake with the traditional meaning of blessing. Most of the customers who came to buy it were students parents. There are also two days before chocolate bar Festival, so young consumers buy a lot.

South Koreas large department stores, cinemas, restaurants and airlines all smell business opportunities and offer candidates a discount of 8-9% depending on the examination permit. South Korean plastic surgery hospital also caters to the psychology of candidates who want to open university life with the best appearance, launching a variety of preferential projects including double eyelid cutting, micro plastic surgery, etc. According to the survey, the consumption of examinees and related relatives and friends increased significantly before and after the national college entrance examination. Last year, the sales of notebook computers, mobile phones and other electronic products in a large home appliance store in South Korea increased by about 15% in the two weeks after the college entrance examination. This years promotion for examinees in various industries in South Korea is expected to continue until the end of the year, with discounts on tickets such as musicals also participating.

Source: CCTV news client editor: Li Chao, nb12814