Gnawing down 88 blocks, Shanghai Yangpu has broken 10000 old buildings in the whole year

 Gnawing down 88 blocks, Shanghai Yangpu has broken 10000 old buildings in the whole year

88 streets and alleys.

On the evening of November 14, surging news reporters learned from Yangpu District of Shanghai that there were 2241 products in 88 blocks of Daqiao. As of 21 oclock on November 14, 2199 residents had signed contracts, with the signing rate reaching 98.13%, and the agreement reached the effective proportion conditions.

On the same day, many staff members of the collection office lamented that the hard bone of the 88 neighborhood has finally been gnawed down. This solid step forward also adds confidence to the realization of the goal of comprehensively completing the transformation of a second-class old neighborhood in 2022.

Liang Renguo is cleaning up.

Liang Renguo was one of the first residents to sign up. He has lived in 88 neighborhood for more than 70 years, and the house is only 19.4 square meters. Now he wants to move away. He says he still cant bear it, but the new plan is for a better life, he knows. On the evening of the 14th, Liang Renguo and his family cleaned the old house while packing. The old man used a rag to wipe the dust off every piece of furniture. There are fewer and fewer people of my fathers generation in this alley. I know he wont give up, but the stairs of the old house are very narrow and steep. I often feel uneasy when he climbs up and down alone. The old mans son told reporters.

The 99 year old is cleaning the furniture.

Not at ease is the resident Zhou Hui. Since his birth, Zhou Hui and his family have been huddled in a 9.5-square-meter house in the neighborhood. At the end of July this year, Zhou Hui settled down in Sijing, Songjiang, but he still went back to the 88 block alley from time to time. Im 57 years old. Ive lived here for most of my life. Ive recorded some videos of the alley. I can show them to my friends later.

In addition to looking at the old alley hall, Zhou Hui was worried that the signing rate could not reach the effective proportion condition. Today, I see that the signing rate is higher than that, so Im very relieved..

Why is 88 neighborhood a hard bone in the promotion of Yangpus old reform?

On November 14, Zhang Xu, manager of the collection department of Yangpu No.2 Collection Office, revealed some reasons to surging journalists. 88 blocks of Daqiao street, Songpan road in the East, Yangshupu Road in the south, Meizhou road in the West and Hangzhou Road in the north. A total of 2241 households and 3182 households are involved in the collection. Among them, 2103 households and 3039 households are residential houses, 69 households and 111 households are mixed houses, and 69 households are non residential houses.

88 neighborhood is different from other neighborhoods in that the proportion of private houses is large, more than half of them are private houses, in addition, there are more special families such as disabled families and low-income families. In addition, some residents have experienced two previous relocations, and their expectations for the old reform are even higher. Zhang Xu said that although it is difficult, it is urgent to improve the living conditions of residents. The houses in the plot have been built for a long time, all of which are old houses. Due to the long time of disrepair, the structure of the houses is dilapidated, the walls are cracked, and the roof is flooded frequently. Every summer when there are natural phenomena such as heavy rain, typhoon, rainstorm, etc., the water accumulation in the houses is serious.

In March 2019, 88 neighborhoods carried out a consultation on the willingness to reconstruct the old urban area, and passed the consultation smoothly with the approval rate of 99.6%. On April 19, the base announced the compensation plan for housing expropriation of 88 blocks of old urban reconstruction plot in Yangpu District (Draft for comments). From June 8 to 9, nearly one thousand residents visited nine houses in the outer area, including Cao Road, Minle, hangtou, Nanqiao, Songjiang south station and Xujing north of Qingpu.

Since then, in the promotion work, the old district office, street office and collection office have used enough resources to build a platform to mediate disputes.

The area identification specialist and population identification team of the old reform office went to the base for consultation to answer the residents doubts about the area and population identification. Join hands with the cadres of the housing committee to collect and distribute publicity materials to eliminate residents doubts. The old district reform office has established a corresponding street coordination and liaison working group, led by department level cadres, and carried out ideological mobilization face to face in the base and residents homes during the day.

The success of the second consultation of 88 neighborhood collection base marks that Yangpu completed the collection of more than 10000 households in 2019, and over fulfilled the target task of 7000 households in advance.

Source: surging news editor: Li Chao, nb12814