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Thank you for your support! (source: ~)

In recent days, rioters have blocked and damaged roads in many parts of Hong Kong, seriously damaging the normal life of Hong Kong citizens. Today (15) morning, looking at the news knews reporter in Nathan Road, one of the main business centers in Hong Kong, he saw that the streets were in a mess, and many Hong Kong people spontaneously cleaned up the roadblocks to do their part for the society, hoping that Hong Kong could continue to operate normally. Some people stressed that the mobs road blocking behavior could not achieve any goal, purely obstructed more people, so they decided to help remove the roadblocks.

One by one, the residents at the scene cleaned the bricks and sundries blocking Nathan Road to the roadside by means of transmission. There are also people working together to remove some large roadblocks. In the course of the clean-up, people who passed by joined the team.

Take a look at the news knews reporter saw that when there was a police car passing by, the public cheered for the police, and the police officers on the police car also broadcast thank you for your support to the public with their horns

Jiang Yongxiang, a senior police officer in the public relations section of the Hong Kong Police, said at a recent press conference that although many people did not make a sound, they would take the initiative to clean up the roadblocks set by the rioters in silence and express their anti violence stance with practical actions, they hope that the lives of the public will not be affected, and they also believe that most of the public do not want their freedom of access or their daily life will be disturbed So theyre going to come out and clean up the roadblocks. The police are very pleased that some citizens have braved the risk of being retaliated by the mob and stepped forward to clean up the roadblocks, and said thank you to the silent group of citizens

Source: take a look at the editor in charge of news: Li Chao, nb12814