Media: the online store is being pulled and theres something behind the reversal?

 Media: the online store is being pulled and theres something behind the reversal?

The 4500 Jin orange is only 26 yuan. At first glance, you may think its a hoax or a mistake, but this incredible price tag really appears in real life. After the misoperation was discovered and publicized by the online video blogger, Taobao store guoxiaoyun was soon collected.

In just one day, guoxiaoyun store generated 230000 orders. After the incident, Guo Xiaoyun was once closed, and the shop announcement once said: the tmall store is managed by two uncles and nephews, the nephew Xiaobu is responsible for the operation of the online store, and the uncle is responsible for the picking and delivery. After the event of HaoMao, they asked netizens for a refund and left a letter of apology for their life, which really moved many people. Not only were customers willing to refund, Taobao also gave support and protection, and the store was able to resume operation.

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I thought the event would end in such a warm ending. Unexpectedly, in the process of guoxiaoyun being collected, the phone number of another shop owner in Sichuan was also knocked out. The customer said he wanted to find guoxiaoyun. The shop owner later found that guoxiaoyun completely copied the parameters of the products in his shop, including the contact information. After the plagiarism, Guo Xiaoyun deleted all products of tmall again. Information shows that guoxiaoyun may even be suspected of using the store group model for business operation.

So how many interests will be involved behind the twists and turns? Who is the real victim of the incident?

Mr. Liu, the owner of a Taobao fruit store in Sichuan Province, was on the market when the oranges were on the market. In late October, he set the weighing unit g of a product in the store to Jin. At 6:00 p.m. on November 1, when orders poured in, he found the problem and removed the products in time.

Mr. Liu: the 4500 Jin was set incorrectly by myself on October 26. On the night of November 1, when I was being collected, I was actually the first one to be collected, and then I found out in time. That is to say, when I got off the shelf, I paid about 100 orders, plus the amount of compensation for the loss not more than 10000 yuan.

But at seven oclock in the evening, a large number of phones poured into his cell phone. The other side was looking for guoxiaoyun flagship store, which was called the phone seen in the product parameters.

Mr. Liu: Ive been looking for someone named Guo Xiaoyun. I was curious. They said that they found me through the phone in the navel orange product parameter settings in the store, and I went to search directly after them, and they found that their products were exactly the same as mine.

Mr. Liu searched Taobao and found that the navel orange in this shop used the same picture and detail page as theirs.

Mr. Liu: it mainly copies the whole product information of my shop, including the details page and the information of my product parameter setting. They only modified their address and warehouse, and a product production license code. The others have not been changed at all, and my ID number has not been changed. He only left the delivery place in Suining, Sichuan Province, and then the 4500 Jin specification has not been modified.

Evidence of store information plagiarism provided by respondents.

On the one hand, the violation of Taobao copyright protection rules, because the guoxiaoyun product settings are directly copied, so the weight unit problem has not been found in time. Guo Xiaoyun sold 230000 pieces at a price of 26 yuan and 4500 Jin. With the products sold, Mr. Lius phone was obtained by consumers.

Mr. Liu said that when the same product is copied to tmalls businesses, it is impossible to estimate the impact on the overall project sales of the store. I and the store partner try to contact each other through various channels.

Mr. Liu: because at that time, we contacted them through microblog and twitter, because at that time, we didnt know the phone number, so we just said that we had been blackmailed and sent a message without reply.

Later, Mr. Liu posted on the Internet, pointing to Guo Xiaoyuns plagiarism. After the fermentation of the incident, a person who claimed to be Guo Xiaoyun called Mr. Liu. In the original recording Mr. Liu sent to voice of China, the other side said compensate 500 yuan.

People who call themselves Guo Xiaoyun: my suggestion is to give you 500 yuan as compensation. Do you think its ok? In fact, we all make fruit. I think we can make friends. I dont think its necessarily a bad thing that you know us. Dont really care about the small money. We are the people who do great things in the future.

The two calls lasted for 17 minutes, and Guo Xiaoyun urged Mr. Liu to give an answer, saying: you can make a friend, and the resources behind Guo Xiaoyun are unimaginable..

On guoxiaoyuns side: take a long-term view, many of them are resource integration, so you can make friends. Do you understand? If you help me this time, we can cooperate next time, right? Guangxis channel, Hunans channel and all kinds of channels. You cant imagine our channel. Now we have found some supply chain cooperation, and (Taobao) waiter promised to give us some resource positions as our compensation.

Mr. Liu and his partners obviously cant accept such communication.

Mr. Liu: because I definitely need Guo Xiaoyun (Xiaobu) to make an apology. He said that Guo Xiaoyun is still small.

Why cant Xiaobu apologize? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter made a phone call claiming to be brother guoxiaoyun. The other side said that Xiaobu delivered goods in other places.

He claimed that brother guoxiaoyun: its not his own kind. Oranges are shipped from Sichuan. How can we grow oranges in Yulin, Guangxi?? Guava was planted there before. We said in the announcement that we should take responsibility for the plagiarism before. Now we want to clarify the whole thing and let life calm down.

As for why the shop should copy other peoples products, the other side didnt give a positive answer.

The main problem is that we have relatively little experience in facing the media, and then we have been slow to respond to the media, he said

According to media reports, the guoxiaoyuntianmao store was transferred in October this year. The company registered in Beiliu, Guangxi, was taken over by qinyi and others in Yulin. After that, the event of pulling wool happened.

The shareholders of the company are Zhao Xiaofang and Qin Yi.

Some netizens found that among the staff members interviewed by the media, there was a man named Zhang Feng. He and Qin Yi set up a company called cloud piercing e-commerce in Yulin, Guangxi, specializing in no source stores.

In short, store groups use software to collect the hot sale funds on Taobao, and then sell the goods in their own stores. Some store groups, if someone takes a picture of the goods, go to their home to take a picture, and rename the harvest address and phone number as the actual buyer; some will send the goods in their own channels. Either way, there is no need to write product information, no need to manually put on the shelf baby, etc. this no cost, no profit mode is described as the blood sucking worm of ordinary seller flow. In a conversation with Mr. Liu, Guo Xiaoyun confirmed this point.

Guoxiaoyun side: in fact, we all know that the store, our supply is also looking for you to send, so that time filled in your phone.

Mr. Liu: but I have no idea about it, and I have never contacted me in advance.

In April this year, Taobao announced that some sellers were found to copy goods in other stores in batches in an improper way and complete their own store transactions by purchasing goods in other stores, which seriously interfered with the normal operation order of the market. In case of handling abnormal stores and violating regulations for many times, the use of specific management tools will also be restricted.

Whether to use the store group mode for operation, there is no response from guoxiaoyun and Taobao. Cao Zhe, a staff member of Alibabas public and customer communication department, said that the platform was checking the transfer of guoxiaoyun stores reported by the media.

Cao zhe: from the data of tmalls Taobao platform, it is true that the flagship store of guoxiaoyun suddenly obtained a large number of orders and encountered a large number of complaints. In the whole process, tmall Taobao platform considers the actual situation of the merchants, and handles it fairly according to the rules of the platform. For the content of the follow-up media reports, we have seen media reports that the shop was transferred in late October, and the tmall Taobao platform is under verification. According to the rules, the shop needs to update relevant information within the specified time limit.

Source: Voice of China editor in charge: Du Shuo, nb12556