Custom made! 1.2 million acquaintances are successful in writing scripts by female graduates from famous schools

 Custom made! 1.2 million acquaintances are successful in writing scripts by female graduates from famous schools

Modern Express News 211 graduated from University, originally had a stable job and a harmonious family, but Taizhou woman Du was caught in online gambling, so that a hair out of control, often brush up credit card. The reporter of Modern Express learned that Du, who had no money, used his high intelligence to make a script according to the characteristics of the cheated character in eight months, and cheated a dessert shopkeeper and a lottery shopkeeper of 1.2 million yuan through self-made self directing and self acting. And all this money was lost by her online.

The dessert shopkeeper has been cheated of 350000 yuan

At the end of December 2018, Du met Yang, a private dessert shopkeeper, while eating and shopping. After buying many things, he found Yang was simple and kind, and began to borrow money tentatively after chatting.

On the afternoon of March 16 this year, Du borrowed 5886 yuan from Yang for home decoration. On March 17, a lot of money was returned.

With the first integrity, and promised to borrow can return.. Du began to borrow money for the second time that night and paid it back three hours later.

After so many times, Du has won Yangs trust, so a bitter drama begins to play.

Du Mou makes up stories and swindles

My husband cheated, my baby was hospitalized with a serious illness, and was electrified on the massage chair of my neighbors house Dus loan became more and more frequent, and when Yang began to ask for repayment, Dus car accident happened again.

At this time, Yang still didnt know that she was cheated. He asked to visit Du several times. Knowing that his phone was pulled black, he thought of calling the police for help. At this time, she had been cheated 350000 yuan.

Almost at the same time, another lottery owner was also cheated out of 850000 yuan by Du, but according to the different objects of fraud, Du gave her another set of scripts.

At the beginning of August this year, Du went to a lottery shop in Binjiang to swipe his credit card. Because he had a familiar face for buying lottery tickets for two years, Wang, the owner of the lottery, swiped Du more than ten times from August to October. During this period, Du borrowed money from Wang several times and was able to repay it on time. Besides returning the principal, he would also pay more interest. Wang felt that Du was more trustworthy.

Because of frequent card swiping, Wang was curious about Dus career. Du explained: because of divorce from her husband and having nothing to do at home, she had a classmate who worked as a manager in a card swiping company in Hangzhou. She never pressed her money. Now she invests 50000 yuan and earns more than 100000 yuan a year.

With the routine of borrowing and repaying, there is an extra dividend of 150 yuan for every 10000 yuan. From the beginning, Wang borrowed money from Wang to pay back the money. On October 17, this year, Wang finally couldnt help but put in a suit and began to invest a lot of money to make money together with Du.

Fraud by Du

In the past ten days or so, Wang put in more than 930000 yuan, with a rebate dividend of 80000 yuan, and the actual loss of being cheated amounted to more than 850000 yuan.

After receiving the alarm from two cheated people, the police soon arrested the suspect Du.

Police learned that after graduating from a 211 college in Nanjing, Du resigned after a short period of work. He was also sensitive to numbers and had a strong memory. Du claimed that the phone number in his mobile phone was rarely saved, and he could remember it after reading it several times. When the police are interrogating, Du can casually say the card numbers of several credit cards.

It is reported that after his resignation, Du became addicted to gambling. In 2015, he was administratively detained for gambling. All the money obtained from his fraud was used for gambling on the website.

Dus husband, who works far away from home, will pay for his living expenses every month. After the incident, his husband was angry that Du never told the truth about his credit card, and he couldnt figure out how many credit cards he had. It is reported that Du once used her husbands ID card to handle and swipe the credit card, so that her husbands salary was directly deducted and compensated to the credit card for repayment in three consecutive months.

I decided not to gamble any more after I was pregnant and gave birth to a baby. Because I had no job for a long time and had no financial source, I started to gamble online to win money and improve the status quo. The childrens new years money, the full moons money and the money given by their families have all been gambled away. Facing the interrogation of the police, Du felt very sorry.

At present, the case is still under further processing.

Source: editor in charge of Modern Express: Liu Yuxin, nbjs7825