Beijing media: Lippis resignation in the Football Associations unscheduled Li Tieshuai selection team into incentives?

 Beijing media: Lippis resignation in the Football Associations unscheduled Li Tieshuai selection team into incentives?

Despite Zhang Linpengs slight injury, Zheng Zheng, the first left back of the Philippines in the last round, continued to play on the night of the 14th, but the temporarily repaired defense line still failed to withstand the attack of the Syrian attackers. In the first 19 minutes, MARVAS helped Omari to break through the door of the Chinese team. In this process, Zheng Zhengs interference to Ma Vasi is not enough, while Wang Gangs struggle for the top is not enough.

Syria coach Ibrahim seems to have found the seven inch defense level of the national football, frequently using two wing guards to seek breakthroughs on both sides of the national football. Former Asian footballer Harry bin didnt come on as a substitute until about the 70th minute, but five minutes later, he tore open the national football right defense line on the left. His passing seemed to be less threatening, but he made use of the mistakes of the cooperation between the national football center back and the goalkeeper. Zhang Linpengs own goal seems to be accidental, but in fact, it is the inevitable result that the national footballs defense line has been torn apart again and again.

After losing to Syria on the road, the national football team has fallen behind by 5 points in the table as the team leaders opponent. Although in the second half of the top 40, the national football team will have four main venues, including the Philippines and Syria. But because of the big gap with Syria, if the opponent still wins in the second half of the match against the other three teams, then even if China wins Syria at home, it will not be able to get the top of the group. As for whether one of the teams with the best results can be ranked in the top 12, it depends on the competition of other groups.

To end the first half of the top 40 competition by losing, the national football team failed to finish the 2019 race perfectly. In fact, since Lippi decided to take over the Chinese team in the first half of this year, the Chinese Football Association has full trust in him and his team. Although the result of losing to Syria does not mean the end of the world, it is not polite to say that Syria has cornered China. The Chinese team inevitably carries the burden to enter the second half of the top 40.

Judging from the situation of this round of matches in Syria and China, the Chinese team is still in control at the offensive end, including the midfield attack and defense conversion rhythm. Especially in the Spanish League, Wu Lei once tied the score with a beautiful left foot volley. But it is not advisable for the national football team to leave the hope of the whole village on Wu Lei alone. From the situation of the game, the weakness of the defense line of the Chinese team can be seen clearly. Especially after Wei Shihao, Li Ke and Liu Yang came on as substitutes one after another, the formation of the national football team has been constantly adjusted, but the effect is not ideal.

In fact, Lippis employment in the back line has been discussed since the second round of the top 40 national football match against Guam at home. But just before a new round of discussions began, Lippi unexpectedly announced his resignation at a post match press conference.

Lippi was emotional in the process of issuing his resignation declaration, which was almost the same as the appearance after the Asian Cup team was eliminated by Iran in January this year. Lippi refused to comment on the game and left in a hurry, because during his two coaching sessions in China, its no wonder that similar situations are incomprehensible, disappointing and even desperate. Did Lippi throw the pot because he was desperate for the national football? Similar questions follow the coachs resignation. But from the point of view of Lipings willingness to give up his high salary, he is indeed unwilling to continue to work in this position.

Lippis resignation, like Gao Hongbos resignation three years ago after the last national football team lost to Uzbekistan on the road, left the media reporters at the press conference and fans waiting for the miracle of the national football team in front of the TV. In the last 40 games, Lippis resignation actually brought a series of impacts to the Chinese teams preparation and related work. From the perspective of the situation reflected by all parties before, Lippi leaves school is not a matter planned by the Chinese Football Association. However, the second half of the top 40 wont start until late March next year, so there is still some time left for the Chinese Football Association to deal with Lippis resignation or even change of manager.

Just as the national football team was preparing for the Games in Syria and China, the national football selection team led by local coach Li Tie Set up the flag in Wuhan for the East Asia Cup in December. Prior to that, CFA has actually dismissed Holland coach Hiddink of the National Olympic team, and arranged another young local coach, Hao Wei, to be the executive coach of the team. Its not hard to see that the leadership of the new China Football Association has consciously trained local coaches for the top teams of national brands. The only puzzle to be solved is whether Li Ties appointment to the national football selection team is one of the incentives for Lippi to resign?

In any case, the Chinese team once again encountered a bumpy or major setback on the way to the world cup. Chinas mens football team cant avoid the negative factors in this incident, and the prospect of the teams impact on Qatars World Cup suddenly darkened.