Guangdong Media: Zhang Linpeng plays half court with injuries; Wu Lei has a big gap with Asias first-class players

 Guangdong Media: Zhang Linpeng plays half court with injuries; Wu Lei has a big gap with Asias first-class players

Before the game, the biggest problem for the national football team is the defense line. Li Lei was excluded from the 23 players list because of his strain. Who will be given another place to lose? Before the match, Zhang Linpeng was thought to be injured by the outside world. Yesterday morning, the Asian Football Association officially announced the list of the 23 National Peoples Congress, Li Lei and Zhang Linpeng were both defeated, but the national football team then used the right to change the list six hours before the start of the match, Zhang Linpeng re entered the list of 23 people, Xu Xin lost the election. In fact, the day before the match, the national football team doctor was not optimistic about Zhang Linpengs recovery, so the list of 23 people first reported to AFC did not have Zhang Linpeng. But yesterday morning, Zhang Linpeng reported that his injury had improved significantly. After the inspection of the team doctor, Lippi finally decided to put Zhang Linpeng back on the 23 person list and into the starting lineup of the China Syria war.

Judging from last nights actual match, Zhang Linpeng didnt make too many mistakes in the position of the central guard in the first half, although he played with injuries. The header that the opponent took the lead in scoring the goal also had nothing to do with Zhang Linpeng. However, in the second half, the other side increased their investment in the attack, and Zhang Linpengs physical strength decreased, and the injury showed side effects. In the end, after herribin came on the court, Zhang Linpeng inadvertently put the Oolong in a cross that was not threatening.

Last night Lippi replaced Li Lei with Zheng Zheng. Zheng Zhengs overall performance at the defensive end last night was standard, but he made no contribution at the offensive end. It wasnt until the final stage of the game that Lippi replaced Zheng Zheng, who had lost his fitness, with young Liu Yang. It should be said that Lippi is too adventurous to use Zhang Linpeng and too conservative to use Zheng Zheng Zheng in the two injured positions. Under the rules of the top 40 game of the result is more important than everything, Lippis defence staff last night could only say that he failed. The question is: is the national football teams defense really unavailable? Is Zhang Linpengs central defensive position really irreplaceable? Does Lippis selection standard need to be reconsidered?

Wu Lei is not enough, attack to wait for naturalized players?

In the first three games of the top 40, the Chinese football team scored 12 goals without losing one. But such beautiful data is only because the opponent is relatively weak. Once confronted with such a relatively tough opponent as Syria, the chronic disease of national football attack and defense immediately recurred. In addition to losing two goals on the defensive end, the offensive end of the national football team last night was also lacking.

Wu Lei took over Wu Xis Cross in the 30th minute, volleying on his left foot to help the national football team catch up to 1-1. As the only overseas player who can play in the five major leagues in China, Wu Leis level this year has made quite obvious progress. Its a pity that Wu Lei is still short of the success rate of the first-class Asian stars in the way of shooting and catching the ball. Last night, Wu Lei got a close shot in the early days of the game. Unfortunately, he kicked the ball away. In the second half, Wu Lei got a good single shot chance again, but he stopped the ball when he received a long pass from his teammates.

Exxon was still mediocre in last nights game. In Lippis national football tactical system, Exxon has never returned to the center position. Swimming on both sides or pulling him back to the middle, far away from the restricted area can not have the impact. Li Ke, another naturalized player, was also given the chance to play, but his role did not change the game, not to speak of Zheng Zhis successor.